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Lucky Ladies Blackjack Guide - Odds, Payouts & Side Bet Rules

Our lucky ladies side bet beginner's guide details everything from odds to payouts and rules to card counting. Interested in learning more? Click to find out more.

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Cafe Casino

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Image of Lucky Ladies Side Bet in Blackjack

Lucky Ladies is one of the most widespread side bets in blackjack. It was first introduced in Washington in 1997 and has since become a staple in casinos across the country.

The exotic wager pays bonus money for any 20-point hand, although some combinations are more lucrative than others. 

Numerous US-based casinos (both land-based and online) offer the LL option bet, mostly because it yields a house edge of around 25%, which is about four times as high as other side bets.

On the other hand, Lucky Ladies is vulnerable to card-counting, as it centres on ten-valued cards. Consequently, it draws the attention of professional and advantaged players alike.

This quick-start guide will introduce you to the Lucky Ladies side bet and explains the:

  • Rules
  • Features
  • Odds

What Is Blackjack Lucky Ladies Side Bet

Lucky Ladies is a side bet offered in certain standard blackjack variations. This wager’s outcome is depends on the first two cards dealt. If your initial hand is 20 in aggregate, you’ll receive a bonus payout. If it’s any other total other than 20, you lose the bet.

You’ll note a designated spot for betting for games that offer LL. That area is ordinarily located near the standard wagers. 

The minimum and maximum amount you can bet on LL varies between tables. In most versions, the lowest acceptable stake is $1.

  • Please note: any LL side bet(s) must be placed in conjunction with the standard wager.

Odds and House Edge for Lucky Ladies Side Bet  

The payouts for “twenty” depends on the card-combination involved. You’ll receive a lucrative payout if your first two cards match (Ace Diamond and Nine Diamond) or are suited (two Jacks of Clubs).

If you’re dealt two Queen of Hearts when the dealer hits a blackjack, you’ll win the top prize. In this case, you’ll receive a 1000:1 payout.

Here’s the most commonly offered paytable for Lucky Ladies blackjack side bet. 

Hand CombinationPayout
Queen of Hearts + the Dealer has BJ1000:1
Queen of Hearts125:1
Matched 2019:1
Suited 209:1
Any 204:1

In general, the Lucky Lady side wager is considered a sucker bet since it has a 25% house edge. Getting the grand prize is like finding a needle in a haystack (0.0015%). Drawing paired Queen of Hearts alone is a long shot, with a probability of 0.0295%. 

Here’s a table detailing house edge for each of the winning LL combos

Hand CombinationPayout
Queen of Hearts + the Dealer has BJ0.0015%
Queen of Hearts0.0295%
Matched 200.4638%
Suited 202.0777%
Any 208.0139%

These probabilities apply to the six-deck variant of LL blackjack.

Lucky Ladies and Card Counting

Due to its use of ten-valued cards as a premium, Lucky Ladies is susceptible (prone) to card-counting systems, like (such as) Hi-Lo. To protect against counters, (As a security measure,) online casinos have implemented a low cap on maximum bets (around $25).

Furthermore, they use cutting-edge software to easily spot when (pick out) someone (who) is counting cards. If caught, you can be permanently banned from the site. (As they say,) ‘the juice isn’t worth the squeeze’, in this case. 


The Lucky Ladies side bet adds an entertaining element to the already scintillating gameplay. But from a purely statistical standpoint, you should avoid the wager. 

If you’re keen on trying your luck at LL, you should search for a casino that offers single-deck games with Lucky Ladies. This version’s odds seem to be a more favorable; you will need around 100 hands to win the second-largest payout; in multi-hand variants, you will get a QH pair roughly every 1,250 hands — which is quite a large sample size. 


Is Lucky Ladies a profitable bet? No, because the house edge is at a mere 25%. A far cry from the odds for basic blackjack strategy (0.5%).
Where can I play Lucky Ladies blackjack? Several of our recommended online casinos offer blackjack tables with the Lucky Ladies side bet. Before committing, we recommend that you check out pay tables and minimum/maximum wagers.
Does Lucky Ladies affect the rules? No, Lucky Ladies wager doesn’t impact the standard gameplay in any way. It’s paid, irrespective of the main bet.
Should I play the Lucky Ladies bet? If you want to try something outside the box, then yes, give it a try. But (replace ‘But’ with ‘However,’) bear in mind that the wager doesn’t yield a favorable long-term win rate.

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