Android Mobile Casinos

Android Mobile CasinosIf you are looking for an online casino specifically designed for Android phones and also available to US punters, you’ve come to the right place. Nowadays, there’s no need for you to visit brick-and-mortar gaming establishments, as you can find everything from slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, even bingo simply by visiting Android real money casinos from the comfort of your home.

For some time in the past, Google Play was banned from offering android casino apps. There’s no need explaining that people were desperate, as Google Play represented the primary source of all the apps you need. People in charge of this aspect of Android realized their revenue might eventually decrease, so they decided to lift the ban and give Android real money casinos a chance.

However, the attempt wasn’t so great after all, as the terms and conditions for having Android real money casino apps in your offer are somewhat difficult to meet. Consequently, US punters today cannot find casino apps in the Play Store.

Top US Android Mobile Casinos

CasinoOfferDevicesPlay Now / Review

$5,000 Welcome Bonus


$5000 Welcome Bonus


First 3 Deposits, Get Up To $6000


First 3 Deposits, Get Up To $3000


300% up to $500


$10,000 Welcome Bonus


$3000 Welcome Bonus


$3000 Welcome Bonus


$500 other options also available




$1,000 Welcome Bonus + $100 Free Chip


Luckily, there are other ways to play your best-loved online casino games on Android. The only problem you might face is finding the perfect option.

If you stay on this page, you will discover that we have done the tough part for you and find out all the vital information about Android real money casino apps and where to find them. All of them have been tested by our team of professionals so that you can have one exquisite experience.

Discover everything about Android Mobile Casinos, and the best ways you can play your favorite casino games even if you are on the move.

How We Choose the Best Android Real Money Casinos

In the US, online gambling is mostly subject to strict rules and regulations that targets online gambling providers as well. Be that as it may, punters living in the US have to be careful when choosing an online casino they will access via their Android phone. We have listed the top-ranked Android casinos for US players, as well as the features according to which we choose them.


Google did allow casinos and bookmakers to offer their services in the Google Play Store, but only if they are licensed in the UK, Ireland or France. To be more precise, Google didn’t want to risk being shut down, so the countries in which online gambling was not regulated didn’t stand a chance. This is the main reason why people from the US, and many other countries, cannot find their favorite Android casino apps in the Google Play Store.

For this reason, online casinos from around the world with a proper license created Android casino apps that can be downloaded from their official website. Players from the US can easily create an account and continue with the online games via their Android phones.

Financial Transactions and Payment Methods

Last but not least, the US market gambling regulations are strict even for gambling in general, let alone online or mobile gambling. Some states, like Hawaii and Utah, still completely forbid any type of gambling. Even though, last year, many states decided to lift the ban on online poker and sports betting, nothing is yet at the level of being officially allowed.

Along with this problem, there is another one regarding financial transactions between US bettors and online gambling operators. Namely, the US law forbids the offshore online casinos from accepting payments from US players. With this in mind, casinos are not encouraged to make themselves available through the Google Play Store, as they know that they might get into trouble.

This won’t happen if you choose any of the mentioned Android casino apps from our list, as these online gambling operators are aware of the issues US players face. That’s why they offer plenty of payment methods that go around your bank and can be easily navigated via your Android phone.


The popular belief is that online casinos don’t have the same offer for desktop computers and mobile phones. However, this is not the case with the casinos we choose for our site. US punters will be able to access all the games they prefer playing on their Android phone as well. The providers that design online casino games for these online gambling operators are instructed to make them mobile friendly, so that punters can have the best experience.

Some punters find playing online games on their Android devices easier than on desktop computers or laptops. You can respond better and play the top-rated games from any place you find yourself at. This is a good enough reason to choose Android real money casinos over the regular ones.

Android Mobile Casinos — How to Find What You Need

Android Mobile CasinosReal money online casinos have been around for several years now, and people do not have to visit a real land based casino in order to get their bet in.

Online casinos have made it possible for people to bet right from their homes, but in recent times the advent of the smart phone has further added to the convenience of the online punter. Android mobile casinos are now available to American players throughout the country so you can play your favorite online casino games from anywhere and at anytime.

All of the Android mobile casinos have been developed, tested and reviewed extensively on the internet so for the end user there is a lot of transparency in terms of what he can expect which makes his decision a lot easier when it comes to choosing his Android mobile casino.

However, for newbies who are looking to join the action and board the Android mobile casino train it may be a little tricky to be able to find online Android mobile casinos in the USA which pay out real money in the Play Store since Google may have prohibited the marketing of such real money games.

However, rest assured that the Google Play Store is not the only way in which to download applications onto your Android phone. There are other websites which allow you to download real money mobile casinos which will provide the same sort of user experience that you can get with desktop casinos. In fact, some people may argue that the experience is even better on Android mobile casinos since they are able to indulge as they desire and can do so while on the move or away from home too.

If you browse through the pages of, you will find information on some of our most favorite online Android mobile casinos for American based players.

Take some time out and go try your hand at some of these casinos – we promise that you will have a good time! In fact, many online real money casinos even allow for players to play games just to get a feel of what the app has to offer without even betting real money so you do not have to be hesitant about testing out a whole lot of casinos.

By playing on online casinos which are certified OK by us, you will have the following benefits –

  • Every casino is guaranteed trusted and checked thoroughly for security
  • You will be able to pick the casinos offering the best promotions at the time in a jiffy
  • The casinos we list all have a good eclectic collection of games so you never get bored

What Are Other Ways to Download a Casino App on Android?

Now when we clarified all the reasons why you cannot find Android casino apps in Google Play Store, it’s better to put the whole idea behind and move on to the possibilities you do have. There are, indeed, some other ways in which you can enjoy real-time casino games on your Android phone.

Visit the Site

The first thing you can do to get around the strict Google Play Rules is to visit an Android real money casino. Although Google Play couldn’t launch the app for your geolocation, that doesn’t mean they didn’t create the app at all.

If they created an Android real money casino app, there must be a download link somewhere on their website. Look for it on the homepage or under the “Mobile Casino” section. If you cannot find it, ask their customer support to help you.

Once you get to it, click the link and download it on your mobile phone. They will usually have a different link for Android and iPhone, so make sure you download the right one. There may be some installation process you need to complete. After you finish with all this, your Android real money casino app will be ready for use.

Mobile-Friendly Casinos

Although Android casino apps cannot be found in the Google Play Store in some countries, the official website has nothing to do with it. Therefore, if a casino offers any process of downloading their app through the website, feel free to use it.

On the other hand, if you are able to access the site via your Android phone, why do you need an app at all? Online gambling operators are well-aware of the fact that people are constantly on the move these days. Particularly in the US, being mobile-friendly is a key component of every business. Add to it the ban on gambling apps in the Google Play Store, and you will get a situation that demands a solution.

So, if you find an Android real money casino and you can access and navigate the website via your Android phone, this means that the site itself is mobile-responsive. Maybe you won’t even find an app download link, but you won’t need it, as you can create an account and start playing in this Android real money casino.

Why Should You Choose Android Mobile Casino?

To start with the most logical reason — you already have an Android phone that serves you perfectly well. Therefore, unless your phone is really old and needs to be replaced, you might as well use it to have some fun on your way to work or in any boring situation when you are not near your desktop computer.

The System Is the Same

As we already concluded, the system is the same no matter if you are visiting a site on your desktop computer or Android phone. The download link for Android real money casino apps is, in most cases, available on the homepage of a casino. If not, it means that the Android real money casino operates well via your browser.

Bonuses and Promotions

This is one of the most common questions, and the answer to it can differ from one casino to another. However, the rule of thumb says that online casinos don’t pay attention to the device you use to create an account and use their services. In fact, some casinos have special bonuses for mobile casino users, and the details are often clearly visible on their site.

No App — No Problem

Finally, why would you need an app at all? New systems are designed to work flawlessly with the help of codes such as HTML5. Leading game providers hire teams of specialists who also use phones and understand the importance of them. That’s why they design modern games that can be played anywhere and anytime via your Android phone. Plus, you can find a mobile casino that accepts US players and avoid all the rules that stop you from playing.


The final verdict on Android Mobile Casinos is to give them a try since you already own an Android device. Forget about the Google Play Store, as it is not the only way of downloading an app.

Moreover, you can even forget about an app as such, as the new systems allow you to play the latest online casino games by merely opening a casino page on your browser without anyone making any problems. Once you try it out, chances are small that you will give up Android mobile casinos any time soon.

Android Mobile Casinos FAQ

With the advance of mobile gambling technology, enjoying a safe and quality casino experience on your Android device is no longer a dream, but a reality. And yet, for most Android users casino apps are something they feel wary of, especially since they can’t be found in the Play Store.

If you’re one of those people, take a look through the following FAQs for more answers to common concerns and questions about Android casinos and put your worries away.

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