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Live Dealer Baccarat - List of Best Live Dealer Baccarat US Online Casinos

Welcome to our guide dedicated to playing online baccarat in the US. Here, we will showcase a list of the best US casinos that feature RNG and live baccarat. Moreover, our guide contains a full explanation of baccarat rules and several baccarat strategies through which you can extend your bankroll.

Best US Online Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

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Wild Casino

Accepts US players
Bonus Offer: $5,000 Welcome Bonus
More Info
Available Games
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • Great selection of slots
  • High-quality live dealer games
  • Excellent welcome bonus
  • Crypto-friendly

Ignition Casino

Accepts US players
Bonus Offer: $3,000 Welcome Bonus
More Info
Available Games
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • 300+ games
  • Crypto-friendly casino
  • Live dealer jackpot
  • Bonus galore for different verticals

Cafe Casino

Accepts US players
Bonus Offer: 350% up to $2500
More Info
Available Games
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Loyalty program
  • Kahnawake Licence

BetUS Casino

Accepts US players
Bonus Offer: 150% up to $3,000
More Info
Available Games
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • Reputable online casino with 26+ years’ experience
  • Wide range of deposit bonuses for sports bettors and casino players
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Several different cryptocurrencies accepted for deposits and withdrawals

Red Dog Casino

Accepts US players
Bonus Offer: 225% Slots Bonus
More Info
Available Games
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • Interesting design
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Long list of bonuses
  • Reasonable wagering requirements
19 casinos found based on your search.
Best Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

Baccarat is a casino game that appeals to punters from all across the spectrum right from the highest of the high rollers to the low rollers.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, baccarat is one of the oldest casino card games of them all.

While most gambling and casino enthusiasts think this card game is reserved exclusively for high rollers, they are wrong.

Online live dealer Baccarat casinos make James Bond’s favorite game available for anyone.

Regardless of what your budget is or if you have any previous playing skills, my guide is going to steer you to the best online baccarat destinations and show you the ropes so that you can turn the odds to your favor.

This game offers the best odds. It’s easy and fun to play. Learn how this live baccarat works, how to play, and browse through the options for legal live baccarat dealers in USA casino rooms.

In the live casino industry of today, competition is cut throat and options like live Baccarat are an absolute must for most punters who will simply not hesitate to move onto another casino without thinking twice about it. Some of the most popular versions of Baccarat include Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Mini-Baccarat. However, in an online or live dealer Baccarat setup – you are most likely to find Punto Banco version being used.

What makes Baccarat such a favourite among punters of all ages, backgrounds and states in the USA is the fact that the learning curve is very gentle which means you can pick up the game just by playing a couple or more demo rounds. There are essentially three bets you can make each hand, namely, the players hand, the dealers hand or a draw\tie.

How I reviewed live dealer Baccarat casinos

When it comes to choosing the best live dealer baccarat US online casinos, it’s essential to choose only legitimate sites that offer the best conditions, and are safe and secure. Protecting yourself online should be your top priority, and protecting your privacy has never been more critical than today.

These online casinos will require you to leave your personal information, bank account details, even play with real money if you choose. So, it’s paramount that you choose online casinos that will protect your privacy while providing what you’re looking for.

That’s why my detailed review of live dealer baccarat casinos will provide information on baccarat variations, things that make good baccarat live dealer casino as well as frequently asked questions.

I’ve stringently tested all live dealer baccarat US online casinos myself as my goal is to provide you with casino rooms that will keep you safe and protected. Your online security is my top priority. To make sure these live dealer baccarat online casinos are legit, I’ve gone through several parametric to make sure these are safe and secure baccarat live dealer casino.

Game variations

Game variationsOne of the best things about online casinos is that they offer a wide variety of options. Game variations and selection are the two most important things aside from legality, online security, and payouts. A variety in games is one of the hallmarks of the ultimate online casino experiences.

My top-rated US baccarat live dealer casinos offer several game variations on the most and less popular live dealer baccarat games to ensure every gambling enthusiast finds something according to their taste.

I’m fully aware that the majority of players aren’t experienced or skilled. That’s precisely why my top casino choices offer game variations for anyone’s taste.

Optimal customer support

Optimal customer supportAll online casinos on my list provide optimal customer support. I don’t want to leave or keep any player hanging on with their requests, demands, or complaints. The customer service and support respond quickly and take matters very seriously.

If you have any problems, the best-rated live dealer baccarat US online casinos will provide all the answers as well as multiple ways to resolve whatever may come in a timely and beneficial manner.

Security measures

Licensing and safetyEvery online casino on my list utilizes the latest security encryption to make sure your online safety and security are guaranteed.

All of the top-rated sites rely on the most recent, high-end encryption software to pass the security tests and ensure maximum security for each player.


BonusesAll the casinos I recommend offer fantastic bonus schemes. These excellent bonus incentives are easy to redeem, but most importantly, they are all free from terms and conditions that often seem tricky and too good to be true.

What matters the most is that these online casinos offer good bonus schemes. All conditions and redemption terms are valid and transparent. To additionally spice things up, baccarat casinos offer promotions that are specific only to baccarat.

Withdrawal methods and fast payouts

Withdrawal methods and fast payoutsMost players find it paramount to be able to get fast payouts and multiple withdrawal methods.

With that in mind, all online casinos on my list allow you to make fast payouts in multiple withdrawal methods.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile CompatibilityTablet and mobile gambling are a thing today, and most online users are mobile. That’s why all online casinos on my list offer the highest level of mobile compatibility as well as support.

Regardless of what OS or device you’re using, each of these online casinos will deliver the ultimate device experience.

Live Dealer vs. Land vs. Online Baccarat

Live baccarat online is far better at providing various things land-based casinos can’t offer. These casinos excel at providing:

  • High levels of privacy
  • Convenience
  • Fantastic bonuses
  • High limits
  • Immersive interaction
  • A decent dosage of realism
  • Multiple payment options

Regardless of what rocks your boat, my recommendation would be to go with any live dealer baccarat online casinos rather than land-based or even just an ordinary online casino. Land-based casinos only have three advantages when compared to live dealer baccarat online casinos: higher limits, better interaction, and complete realism.

Other than that, the live online casino gives you the same feel and thrill, just like any other land-based casino. Live dealer baccarat offers a much better mix of gameplay, convenience, and live-action than any land-based casino.

Head-to-Head: Live Dealer Baccarat vs. Roulette – Which Will Win Your Bet?

Live Dealer Baccarat vs RouletteAs we pit live dealer baccarat against live dealer roulette, two casino favorites among US players, let’s check the differences that set them apart.

In terms of odds, baccarat boasts a lower house edge for the banker bet (1.06%) compared to the 2.7% and 5.26% house edges in European and American roulette, respectively.

However, the house edge for baccarat’s tie bet soars to 14.36%, making it a riskier option.

Regarding payouts, baccarat keeps it simple with even money (1:1) for player and banker bets and 8:1 or 9:1 for tie bets. On the flip side, roulette’s payout spectrum is broad, ranging from 1:1 for even money bets like red/black to a jaw-dropping 35:1 for nailing a straight-up bet on a single number.

The vibe at the tables differs as well. Baccarat exudes an air of sophistication and intrigue, while roulette’s spinning wheel injects a dose of suspense and anticipation into every round.
Ultimately, the decision between live dealer baccarat and live dealer roulette comes down to your personal taste and betting style.

How Live Dealer Baccarat Is Setup and How It Works

Live Baccarat, like most live dealer games is actually anchored by a third party company which then render it to the many casino software providers such as NetEnt or Playtech. However, a lot of the software providers (especially the bigger, more popular ones) are now in the process of setting up their own live dealer Baccarat and other live dealer games so that they are independent of the third party companies.

Having said that, there really isn’t much of a difference for the player or end user whether the live dealer Baccarat game is being hosted by the casino software provider themselves or whether it is the third party company which is hosting it. At the end of the day, irrespective of who is hosting it, the game is just as enjoyable and secure to the player.

All you need to do to play live dealer Baccarat in the online casino of your choice (provided that they offer live dealer Baccarat) is simply choose Baccarat from the live games section in the lobby and then proceed to choose a table depending on your preferred buy – in.

Once you do this the table and the live dealer will now be visible and you can pretty much get started playing. Remember to make your bets before the timer runs out and also there is chat window where you can say hello to the live dealer.

Why Play Live Dealer Baccarat?

Baccarat games allow you to enjoy bonuses and promotions specific only to this game of cards. You get online exclusive and popular variations to wager on while most live games will enable you to play with no lines and low wagers.

If you’re eager to have some fun by getting as close as possible to the real baccarat action, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, playing live dealer baccarat is the best way to get what you’re looking for.

No other game of cards offers the same, massive advantages like baccarat. It’s no wonder that this card game is enormous on the web. The thing with live dealer baccarat is that it allows you to feel the thrill of the game for real.

If the ultimate gambling and gaming experience is your thing, you can rest assured that live dealer baccarat will deliver what you’re looking for.

It may sound like you are blindly guessing the bets in a game of Baccarat, and that it is purely a luck based game, but it needs to be understood that there is still an unspoken bluff aspect of it and this is precisely why some people are able to play it better than others.

Playing Baccarat is simply not the same when you play against a random number generator (RNG), which is the technology most online casinos use in order to provide transparency that their games are fair and not rigged.

Therefore, playing live dealer Baccarat makes perfect sense. It is the next best thing to actually playing in a land based casino with the dealer standing just a few feet across you. The live dealer Baccarat option brings back a human element into the game which is lost when you play against the computer which is using a RNG.

Excellent reasons why you should play live baccarat right now

It’s incredibly convenient

BaccaratLive dealer baccarat online gets you as close to real casino action as you can get without the need to leave the comfort of your home. Instead of going to a casino, you can make it come to you.

Choose your vibes, music, lighting, dress code, and anything else you need to arrange your personal experience. No waiting, no inconvenience, just you and the thrill of the game.

Live human dealer

Live human dealerLive dealer baccarat allows you to deal with a real human dealer just like you would in a real land casino.

Your live dealer makes moves and deals in real-time using a video stream, a microphone, and a headset.

They can answer your questions and make casual conversations to allow you to get into the game for real.


ReassuranceIf you’re sceptical about online casinos because you think that games might be rigged, let me assure you that live dealer baccarat offers the best odds of all games of cards available in online casinos.

Since you get to play in real-time, you’ll be in control of the game. If you worry about the legality of it all, it will please you to know that playing at a recommended online casino will ensure fair play.

Live Baccarat Variations

Single-player Baccarat

This is perhaps the simplest version of the game. In this version of baccarat, you have your dealer, and you play against the house. Bet on a tie, banker, or player and see if the odds are working to your favor.

Your goal is to guess whether the banker or the player will get closer to a count of 9 or if it will be a tie. What’s great about single-player baccarat is that you get to choose the cards, chips, dealer, music, and pretty much every other detail.

Baccarat squeeze

The main aim of baccarat squeeze is to reveal the value of your playing card slowly. Only the banker and the player with the biggest bet have the right to squeeze the cards. You can also nominate some other players to open the cards.

The squeezer is the driver of the game, carrying all hopes of the table. Baccarat squeeze is aimed at those players who appreciate the tension and excitement of the game in honor of its long tradition.

Speed Baccarat

This version of the game includes eight standard 52-card decks while a dealer hosts the game. The main objective is to predict which player will cast a winning hand by getting closest to the value of 9. Players can also bet that the round will end in a tie.

Speed baccarat includes two hands dealt – one to the banker and one to the player. This is a version of the game where only the numerical value of each card is relevant.

Punto banco

Puno Bunco is the Cuban version of the game that was invented in the 1950s. It’s considered to be the most exciting version of the game as it involves up to 14 players at once.

This is the highest number of players in baccarat. Bunco is the banker while the players are Punto. The game requires 6-8 decks, and Bunco handles all card distribution and shuffling. The dealer announces the winner.

No Commission Baccarat

No Commission baccarat is an additional game variation that can’t be found in every live dealer baccarat US online casino. It includes a slightly different payout structure, and it also offers a range of various side-bet options. These additional options depend on the table you’re playing.

Progressive Baccarat

Progressive baccarat follows the standard style of the game as well as rules, with the only difference being the types of side bets.

Players can place an additional wager to ensure their participation in winning the big jackpot. There are up to 7 players per table, and you get to choose your seat. It’s multiplayer baccarat with a jackpot side bet.

Baccarat controlled squeeze

Online baccarat controlled squeeze offers multiple betting alternatives, in-game options, and exceptional product quality. Squeezing is an additional feature that has been implemented for the sheer sake of making this online game of cards feel just as real as if you were playing it in a land casino.

Most online casinos offer a user-friendly interface that provides a wide range of additional in-game options such as chatting to the dealer, reviewing game rules, and adjusting audio and video output.

Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat accommodates only seven players instead of the usual eight, and the game is played around a table. This is the most preferred version of the game in the US as Americans love a good game of baccarat. There is only one croupier instead of the usual three.

He’s your dealer and banker, all in one. What makes mini baccarat stand out is its low bet rates. This is probably the biggest reason why so many US gambling enthusiasts prefer this version of the game over any other. If you’re a small-time gambler, mini baccarat should be your top choice for starters.

Multi-seat baccarat

Multi-seat baccarat is the same as single-player baccarat, and most online casinos offer standard Punto Banco baccarat with standard returns:

  • Banker – 0.95:1
  • Player – 1:1
  • Tie – 8:1

The difference between single-player and multi-seat tables are in aesthetics only as multiple players still play single-seat tables.

Live Baccarat Tips & Strategies

Gain an Edge: Improve Your Win Rate at Live Dealer Baccarat With These Insider Tips

Blackjack StrategyBaccarat is a game of pure chance, but there are certain things you can do to maximize your enjoyment:

  • Stick with the banker bet for the highest odds of winning.
  • Avoid the tie bet due to its high house edge.
  • Be cautious with baccarat side bets, as they tend to come with higher risks.
  • Keep an eye out for patterns, but don’t rely solely on them.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely by setting limits and sticking to them.
  • Take frequent breaks to stay focused and avoid making rash decisions.
  • Learn and apply basic baccarat strategy techniques, such as optimal bet sizing and placement.

Unlock the Ultimate Live Baccarat Adventure With Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions

Live Dealer Baccarat Bonus

Our recommended online casinos offer a slew of promos, some of which you can use to boost your live baccarat experience. 

Welcome bonuses supercharge your deposit by adding a percentage of bonus funds, empowering you to place your bets at live baccarat tables confidently. With cashback deals, you can rebound from a losing streak, as they return a portion of your net losses over a set timeframe, giving you a chance to recover and keep playing.

For those who thrive on friendly competition, baccarat tournaments are your ticket to intense battles against fellow enthusiasts. These events boast impressive prize pools and transform your live baccarat sessions into adrenaline-pumping showdowns.

Tips for playing live baccarat on mobile devices

With all the aforementioned in mind, I’ve gathered a few handy tips for playing live baccarat on mobile devices such as android or apple devices. As an avid gambler myself, I know how important it is to have a secure connection and uninterrupted gambling experience. That’s why I’ve decided to give you a couple of useful tips about some things you should keep in mind.

Keep an eye on your battery

Keep an eye on your batteryKeep your device charged at all times as you don’t want to lose your precious progress because your battery died on you.

The best thing to do is to check your battery before you start playing. Make sure your device is fully charged. Missing out on a great win might make you feel sorry.

Ensure you have enough data left

Ensure you have enough data leftPlaying baccarat games at online casinos requires you to use 3G or 4G.

Both technologies require a decent amount of data to work, so keep an eye on how much data you have left to avoid paying astronomical bills.

You get to choose your dealer

You get to choose your dealerEven better, live dealer baccarat online will enable you to select your dealer. Handpick the dealer by the way they look, their gender, and skills.

Male or female, they are all eager to get it on and deal.

Use safe Wi-Fi connections

Use safe Wi-Fi connectionsIt’s paramount to use secure Wi-Fi connections only. I can’t stress this enough. Online casinos require your data, and inputting such valuable personal details requires extra safety and precaution.

Therefore, only use the most trusted Wi-Fi connections.

Find online baccarat websites that are legit

Find online baccarat websites that are legitLast but not least – only play baccarat online at recommended sites.

My recommendations only include trusted, safe, and secure websites with the highest levels of security where payouts, bonuses, and your safety is guaranteed.

The final verdict

Choosing the best live dealer baccarat US online casino rooms can be a tough challenge. Fortunately, this ultimate guide to the best live dealer baccarat US online casinos is here to show you the way.

This guide is for people who are looking for the most effective ways to learn the secret of baccarat and turn the odds to their favor.

Baccarat is a simple game with great odds, and you can win just like that if you put your mind to it. It’s also convenient, as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to feel like James Bond.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this guide. Do you have your baccarat strategy? Have you ever played any live dealer gambling games before? Leave a comment and let’s chat.

Live Dealer Baccarat FAQ

What exactly is Live Baccarat and how does it work? Well, keep reading for answers to the most common questions and find out.

How to play live baccarat? To play live baccarat, sign up to a live dealer baccarat casino and choose your game variation. Wait to get your hand, then choose the type of bet you want to place. Place your bet and wait for the two cards to find out who wins.
What are the best live dealer Baccarat casinos? My list of the best live dealer baccarat casinos is listed on this page at the top of the table. You can find the best and top recommended live dealer baccarat online casinos there.
What are the best live dealer Baccarat online casinos in the USA? The full list of the best live dealer baccarat online casinos in the USA will be listed on my page at the top of the table.
How live dealer baccarat works? Baccarat involves two players and a dealer. A game has three possible outcomes – either the game is a tie, the banker wins, or the player wins. The objective is to place your bets on which of the two hands will come closest or equal to 9.
Where can I find the best US live dealer Baccarat online casinos? You can find everything you need right here on this page. The internet is swarming with many different live dealer baccarat online casinos, but a good majority of them aren’t safe or offer tricky terms and conditions. You shouldn’t ignore my recommendations.
Can you make a living playing Baccarat? Whether you can make money playing baccarat depends on your personal needs, wants, and views. Baccarat is just like most casino games – the odds might work to your favor or not. If we take a look at the statistics, baccarat has the lowest house edges while the banker’s hand has 50.38% chances of winning. If you can use this to your advantage, then the answer is yes.
How to win baccarat online live? Many players claim they have a system that works, but this isn’t true most of the time. Having some strategy or system will surely help. Just keep in mind that there’s no one size fits all solution here. No baccarat system is 100% effective.
Where to watch live stream Baccarat? You can watch live stream baccarat action on this page. These online casinos provide live baccarat games streams in HD video that you can watch via any device you prefer. Choose the device you want to play and enjoy live stream baccarat with a real casino environment and no distractions.
Is live dealer baccarat fixed? No, live dealer baccarat isn’t rigged or fixed. This is precisely why it’s essential to play live dealer baccarat only at the most recommended sites. You get a real-life dealer, the best odds, and the lowest house edge.
How to beat live dealer Baccarat? You can increase your chances of winning by betting on the banker’s hand. However, keep in mind that it’s all about the odds in the end. Both the banker and the player have the same chances of winning. The payout is 1 to 1.
Which offline land-based US Casinos offer live dealer Baccarat? You can find a detailed list of land-based US casinos offering live dealer baccarat on this page at the top of the table.
Which casino has live dealer Baccarat in California? Check this page to find out which casino has the best live dealer baccarat in California.
Which casino has live dealer Baccarat in Florida? Find all the information you need on this page at the top of the table.
Can you play live dealer baccarat on mobile? Yes, you can. All online casinos on my list offer mobile support and are compatible with the majority of mobile devices.
Does Baccarat Have the Best House Edge? Although it can be a profitable game, Baccarat is not the best card game when it comes to player returns. This title has to go to Blackjack, which has a theoretical house edge of around 0.5% or lower. Depending on the bet, Baccarat’s house edge can range from 1.06% to 14.36%, with even the safest bet still not being as good as Blackjack. However, the house edge also depends on your personal skills and game rules. This means that if you are untrained card player, you are likely to suffer more loses no matter what. That’s why most beginners prefer Baccarat, since it is simpler to understand.
What is Progressive Live Baccarat? Progressive Baccarat is basically Classic Baccarat with a lucrative side bet. The side bet is made on a progressive jackpot pool or other prizes determined by the game’s pay-table and it can only be won when a pre-defined Tie, Banker, or Player hand is dealt, or other specific situations arise. However, Progressive Live Baccarat isn’t as common as classic versions of the game.
How Does Live Baccarat Work? Just like other Live Dealer games, Live Baccarat is streamed from a live studio where a dealer is sitting behind a table. As a player you can clearly see all the dealer’s actions, as the camera never moves, and you can communicate with him/her through a live chat feature. There is also a graphical interface bordering the stream where the bets and other relevant information are displayed, which you can customize to your liking. Basically, it’s just like playing in a land-based casino, only you need to rely on your computer/mobile to talk to dealers.
What Live Baccarat Versions Can I Play? Although the selection of Live Baccarat games isn’t as colorful as other live casino games, there are still some choices to be made. Apart from Classic Baccarat, you can also play Progressive Baccarat, Baccarat Banque, Punto Banco, and Baccarat Chemin de Fer. However, not every casino will offer all versions.
Is Baccarat Beatable? This is one of the most common questions that new players ask and the answer always depends entirely on what you mean by “beatable”. The truth is that, according to statistics, the Banker’s hand will win about 50.38% of the time and it has a fairly low house edge of 1.06%. Whether this is considered beatable or not, is up to you.
Can You Play Free Demos of Live Baccarat? There are some casinos that let you join a Live Baccarat game and watch, but you will not be allowed to take any action whatsoever. This is normal, considering Live Baccarat tables have limited seats and to reserve a seat for you to practice without any money would be just plain illogical. But watching the game is useful also, as you can learn the tempo and feel of the game before you spend money.
What Bet is the Best in Live Baccarat? The best bet in Baccarat is always the Banker bet, as it is the safest bet to win. However, money-wise, it isn’t the most lucrative one. The Banker bet gets a 1 to 1 payout, but as it has the lowest house edge in a game of Baccarat, or 1.06%, most experienced players prefer it. On the other hand, the most profitable bet is the Tie Bet, which pays out either 8 to 1, or 9 to 1. But since it has the highest house edge of 14.36%, you are advised to avoid it at all times, since the chances of a tie being dealt are fairly low, or 9.5%.
Is Live Baccarat the Same as Online Baccarat? Both games are virtually identical, except for the human factor. The odds are nearly always the same and so are the rules, although some casinos might alter them slightly. That’s why it’s important to read through the fine print before you join a table.
Can You Count Cards in Live Baccarat? Card counting is impossible in both online and Live Dealer versions of Baccarat. Since you can use your computer to gain a significant advantage, the casino has to protect itself from abuse. This is done by using 6 to 8 decks per game, which are always reshuffled half way through, thus making card counting useless.
What’s Zero Commission Live Baccarat and is it Any Good? The standard game of Baccarat pays 1 to 1 for a Banker bet, but the casino always charges a 5% commission on this payout. Zero Commission Baccarat is a game where this 5% charge is supposedly not applied, that is, not at first. However, with Zero Commission Baccarat, if the Banker wins the hand with a 6 score, your payouts will be 0.5:1, i.e. you will still get the commission charged to you in the end. Also, Zero Commission Baccarat has a higher Banker bet house edge of 1.46%, when compared to standard Baccarat where the same house edge is 1.06%. Thus, it is much more costly in the long run.

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