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Phone : (210) 888-9008

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POC: Jayson Peter

Phone : (210) 888-9008

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POC: Jayson Peter

We at prioritize customer satisfaction. We are glad you decided to use to find the best US online casinos and bonus offers. We hope you will stay with us for a long time and continue to use our services.

We assure you that we take good care of our customers and have implemented all measures possible to give you the best possible user experience. Any personal details you might share with us are safe as we never share user details with third-party companies.

We are also eager to improve our product continuously for the benefit of our players. As far as possible, we post accurate information. Sometimes, casinos change their bonus offers, gaming portfolios, and policies without notifying us.

Although we are always alert to such changes, it may take us some time to update our information. If you notice any errors, you are always free to contact us and inform us about it.

Being a user friendly website, we are always eager to hear from our players.

We urge you to feel free to contact us whenever you want to criticize us, compliment us, provide feedback, point out errors, or complain. We make it a point to respond quickly and favorably.

Our Team

Jayson Peter

Hi, I am the Chief Editor of, this has been a hobby of mine for the last few years. The main purpose of this site is to keep you informed with the latest news especially as PASPA has now been repeal the US will be open to more online casinos

Rachel Bennett

Rachel is money our girl, numbers are her thing, she will be keep you informed of how well the casino industry is running

Kristen Adams

Kristen is our industry expert, what is going on in the casino world she will know.. takeovers, partnerships etc

Javier Hayes

Javier is our legal expert, with his extensive knowledge in law he will be able to give you the lowdown in the fast changing landscape of casino gambling in the USA

Malik Freeman

Malik FreemanContributor

Malik is a relative newcomer to the casino industry, as such he will delving into the online world, giving you an insight in new promotions and new casino sites upcoming

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