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List of Best Online Casino Games to win real money from USA

Online Casino Games There are hundreds of online casinos offering both traditional and modern online casino games to players from all over the world. These casino games can be played for fun and for free or they can also be played real money.

Some online players do not want to risk they real money and hence prefer to play these free online casino games.

One of the reasons why the online casino industry has grown considerably over the past few years is due to the fact you don’t have to be a computer whiz to enjoy your favourite games at these online casinos, as they are quite straightforward and easy to play.

Online Casino GamesOnline gambling laws in the United States have changed over the past few years and as of now only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware allow online gambling.

There are many online players in the US who are not clear about the federal and state legislation governing online casino games in their respective states. That’s why we’ve we put together these nuggets of information, to help you overcome your inhibitions and enjoy the world of online casino gaming.

In addition to this, we also cover the bonuses and rewards that you can claim from these online casinos, along with the software, security and general customer support features that these online casinos provide.

Benefits of Playing at Online Casinos for real money to win real money

  • Play from the comfort of your home or while you are on the move via online casinos and mobile casinos apps.
  • When you gamble online you don’t have the hassle of dealing with anyone. The exception is if you play online poker, but even then you can turn off the chat.
  • Enjoy fair and safe play that casino providers offer their patrons.
  • Avail the plethora of bonuses like welcome, no deposit, rewards, VIP bonuses that are only applicable to online casinos.
  • There is an extensive library of online casino games tailor made for every type of player.

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Online Gambling Laws and Jurisdictions

As we mentioned earlier only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware allow real money online gambling to take place and use geo-location technology to ensure that only players who are physically present within these states have access to legalized online gambling websites. There are as many as 10 states contemplating the possibility of legalizing online gambling but so far no decision has been taken.

Sheldon Adelson, the chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corp has been the biggest opponent of the online gambling industry in the United States. He has personally financed the Coalition to Stop Internet gambling.

Free Casino Games

Online casinos provide players with an extensive suite of games, thus giving them a wide choice. A number of the popular games such as poker, slots, blackjack and roulette are available in their classic forms or as variants of their traditional form. Usually, online casino players have an idea about what they want from a casino and like to try-out and play games accordingly.

For instance, some players prefer playing games with high payouts or jackpots as they like to chase after a big win, other players like low risk gambling such as low house edge games. We have listed and explained the most popular casino games which will help you get further acquainted with the types of games that these online casinos offer:

  • Blackjack

    Blackjack is perhaps the most popular casino game of all. It’s enjoyed by players all over the world. It is quite easy to learn the basics of blackjack along with some simple strategy in a short while.

    House edges in blackjack usually depends on the rules of the house and using a good strategy. With a combination of the right rules and strategy beginners can reduce the house edge to below 1% .

  • Slots

    Slots is a great option for winning a lot of money, as most slot machines have a jackpot of some kind that you can win with the right spin in a bonus round, or if matching a combination of symbols and some slots even have progressive jackpots which can build up. Slots in particular are incredibly simple and there’s no real thought required, basically, you just have to push a button.Online slots are available in numerous categories.

    Online slots require no strategy or skill as it is purely based on chance and as a result tends to attract a large number of online players who want to test their luck and see if they can become rich overnight.

  • Roulette

    Roulette is unquestionably one of the most popular online casino games which draws many players as the game has very simple rules and a wide range of betting options that make it exciting to play.

    It’s perfectly possible to win at roulette but since it is a game of chance rather than skill, you’ll ultimately need luck on your side.

    There’s not really much you can do to increase your chances of winning. If you just play for fun and look at anything that you win as a bonus, you will get far more out of the experience.

  • Poker

    Poker is the most widely played online card game.In contrast to other games, you’re playing against other real opponents from different parts of your state or at times from different parts of the world.

    It’s difficult to stipulate an exact house edge in poker.

    However, if you choose your games carefully and make good decisions about which cards to keep and which ones to discard, then you can lower the house edge.

    Players have a wide range of variations to choose from. Apart from this, online poker rooms can offer a number of games and tables variations in comparison to land based casinos. In fact, some forms of poker can only be played online; in fact you will find a greater variety of poker games online then in land based casinos.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat is super easy to learn; it has just three betting options and does not require decisions to be made during the game. Despite its popularity and low house edge, a number of players avoid learning how to play baccarat because it seems like a difficult game to learn.

    However, this is not the case as Baccarat’s an easy game to learn.

  • Sic Bo

    Sic Bo is a dice game with plenty of different betting options.

    This is one of the more complicated games to learn, however this aspect only adds to the game’s charm and makes it more appealing to players.

    The bets all have varying degrees of risks, thereby enabling players with the ability to choose between playing it safe or taking a chance or going for one of the higher payouts.

  • Keno

    Keno is an extremely easy lottery style game which involves just picking numbers along with how many numbers you wish to play.

    This is one of the simplest and purest forms of gambling. It’s all about luck and it’s very similar to bingo.

    Usually, twenty numbers are randomly drawn during a game, and payouts are based on how many of those drawn numbers match the numbers that you have picked up.

  • Craps

    Craps is a dice game which is popular around the world, particularly in American casinos. It can be a confusing game for beginners, as there are lots of different bets that can be placed.

    However, in truth, the basics of the game are relatively straightforward, easy to learn, and it’s quite possible to play without knowing each and every possible bet.

    While this game is very popular with high stakes players, it is also suitable for basic players and can be interesting irrespective of the stakes that are involved.

  • Bingo

    People who would have never thought of going to a bingo hall and playing bingo have discovered just how much fun the game can be by trying out online bingo.

    Currently, various Bingo variations are available on a number of online sites with attractive cash prizes. There are also numerous online casinos which allow players to play online bingo for free.

  • Sports Betting

    Sports betting can be both easy and difficult at the same time.

    However, not much prior knowledge is needed, and you can have lots of fun without knowing too much about the inner workings.Those players who have some insight into sports usually do well.

    However, it is difficult to win money consistently. Simply knowing a lot about sports is not enough, it’s also necessary to learn and develop other ancillary skills.

Online Casino Withdrawals and Bonuses

As online casinos are increasing in popularity, there is fierce completion in the industry. Thus just about all online casinos offer patrons unique bonuses and promotions in order to attract new players and to keep their regular patrons interested in the games offered by the casino. They offer a number of bonuses such as no deposit, match, and mobile, free spins, exclusive and free play bonuses.

Some casinos offer bonus codes that have to be entered accurately, while others offer high roller bonuses. These bonuses are quite tempting, especially when players have a chance to win real money without risking their own money. The latest bonuses in particular are cleverly designed to increase a casinos patronage and thereby build the player base.

The withdrawal methods provided by casinos largely depend on the casino site and where you are based in the US. Some states allow players to withdraw their winnings with a credit card; however, this method may not be permitted in other states. Apart from this method, a number of major online casinos allow players to withdraw their winnings via an eCheck. Essentially, this means that if you made a deposit at the casino using a using a third party payment service like Western Union, you will likely be permitted to receive your withdrawals the same manner. There are also a number of other payment methods such as Neteller, PayPal and Bitcoins although not all casinos work with these payment gateways.

Online Casino Games Software

The lucrative online casino industry is powered by numerous casino software providers who ensure that you always have the best gaming adventure. Currently, in an attempt to provide better control over what casino software companies create, the licensing and testing processes have become more stringent.

It is mandatory for all providers to obtain a legal license to develop casino software and games and also put them through rigorous tests, in order to ensure fair play before it hits the market. If you intend on exploring the online gaming world, you should be acquainted with the most reputable software providers that offer quality products, fair and safe games, good game variety and the best bonus offers.

In a move to ensure the fairness of all virtual casino games that are offered to the public, reputed independent third-party auditing companies conduct various rigorous tests on the games created by game and software developers. The auditors check the level of fairness and randomness and make sure that the games are genuinely random to play. Two such companies that guarantee fair play and randomness in casino games are eCOGRA and TST. These third part auditors display their seals of approval on the casino’s homepage as well as on the information on the games’ payout percentages.

In addition to these strict checks, software provides are also required to obtain licensing permits from local gambling jurisdictions. The official gaming authorities as well as the government bodies are also responsible for regulating online casinos as well as the software that powers them. These gaming regulators are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that each site follows the stipulated gaming rules and is equipped with impartial software to provide fair game play. Software security and the segregation of player funds have to be strictly followed.

Online Casino Games Security

Online casinos have to offer players a secure gaming environment in order to function efficiently. These online casinos invest heavily into their online security and software solutions to ensure that their player database is protected and player’s financial and private information is kept confidential at all times.

Hackers are always looking to attack online casino websites in order to steal financial information and hack into confidential data. Players should take the time to verify if that the right level of SSL encryption is being used. When they play with reputed online casino providers, they can be assured that the best SSL encryption is being used.

Customer Support

Most online casinos provide round the clock customer service that will answer any queries that players might have about the online casino and also help them to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience. Customer support is usually provided via live chat, e-mail and mobile support.

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