Play Craps Online for Real money from USA

Online CrapsThe majority of players who visit a live casino in the USA tend to gravitate towards slot machines, poker tables or blackjack tables. Very few tend to head towards the Craps table and as a result, most live casinos have more poker tables than craps tables.

This is similar when it comes to online casinos as many players prefer to play online slots, poker, baccarat or roulette.

However things have changed in the past few years as more online players are trying online crap games.

One of the reasons why most online players tend to avoid craps is due to the fact that craps have been viewed in the past as a difficult game to play and master. While it is true that craps can be a bit daunting when played for the first time, it is similar to most card games that involve the rolling of a dice.

Top US Craps Casinos

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Online Craps Basics

There are a number of online craps guides available that walk players through the process of understanding and playing craps. If you have never played online craps but would like to give it a go, we suggest you take some time to read one of these online guides on craps as it will make it a lot easier for you to understand the game and prepare you for what to expect when you play online craps.

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Free vs. Real Money Craps

Most online casinos that offer craps provide players with free to play craps and also real money craps games. These free to play craps are a great way for new players and even experienced craps players to test out the software, get a hang of how the game works and also gain valuable experience.

While playing free to play craps may not be as exciting as playing real money craps, it is a great way for players to make mistakes and not pay for them with their own money. This helps them formulate a strategy and get better when they move on to real money online craps.

When you play real money craps, we suggest that you place a limit on the amount of money you intend to bet on a particular day or week as this decision will prevent you from spending more money whether you are on a winning or losing streak at the online craps table.

Online Craps Strategy

To be successful playing online craps, one needs to develop a robust craps strategy. We believe these three areas are vital for one to master to develop a strong online craps strategy.

  • Knowledge: To become good at craps, one has to put in the time to study and learn the nuances of the game. You can do this by reading a number of online craps guides and articles, watching players at live craps tables and also viewing YouTube tutorials on Craps. You need to learn how to measure the house edge on bets such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Single Roll Bets and Multi-Roll Bets. The safest bets tend to be the line bets as the house edge is at the lowest. Such tips are essential in doing well when it comes to online craps.
  • Experience: When playing online craps, it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease. If you are tensed, nervous or preoccupied it is not going to help your game. This is why experience is essential and one of the ways you can do this is by putting in a lot of hours playing free to play online craps. When you move on to real money craps for the first time, we advise you to bet low amounts during the initial stage, so even if you end up losing, it is still a small amount.
  • Intuition: Intuition or instinct or an inward impression – whatever you want to term it becomes essential when you play live or online casino games. Players need to be able to tune in to their intuition and pay attention to it as it will help with their game. Players who have never tried this might take awhile to get used to it. One simple example could be the feeling that you get on the inside telling you to walk away from the game while you can – pay attention to this as it might be the difference between walking away a winner or going home a loser.