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Craps Odds - Learn Craps Odds Betting & Payout Tables

Craps is a timeless classic and a pillar of the casino community. With most online casinos in the US offering at least one version of the game, its transition to the digital arena has been seamless.

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Wild Casino

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Ignition Casino

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BetUS Casino

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Image of Craps Odds and Payouts

Craps’ everlasting appeal mainly comes from the camaraderie-based vibe it creates on land-based casino floors but also from the low house edge.

However, getting those player-friendly odds is highly circumstantial since the payback percentage on craps wagers varies widely. Some bets in craps have a house edge as low as 1.36%, while others are literally the worst wagers you can make in casinos. 

This brings us to the crux of this article — the odds and probability associated with different craps bets. Understanding the math behind craps will put you in the best position to beat the house consistently.

There’s a lot to unpack here, given the wide house edge spread between different bets and the number of possible combinations you can get from each roll. But with some practice and pointers from our guide, you’ll have no trouble picking up this stuff.

Odds and Payouts in Craps 

The table below illustrates the house edge, true odds, and payouts for every craps bet. Casino veterans and advantage players know this stuff like the back of their hands, but you don’t have to memorize it if you intend to play online. Instead, bookmark this page and use it for reference next time you hit the tables.

WagerHouse EdgePayoutsTrue Odds
Pass Line/Come1.414%1:1251:244
Don’t Pass/Don’t Come1.36%1:1976:949
Pass Line Odds 4 or 1002:12:1
Pass Line Odds 5 or 903:23:2
Pass Line Odds 6 or 805:65:6
Don’t Pass Odds 4 or 1001:21:2
Pass Line Odds 5 or 902:32:3
Pass Line Odds 6 or 805:65:6
Hard Ways 4 or 1011.1%7:18:1
Hard Ways 6 or 89.09%9:110:1
Place Bets 4 or 106.7%9:52:1
Place Bets 5 or 94.0%7:53:2
Place Bets 6 or 81.52%7:66:5
Any Craps11.1%7:18:1
Any 716.9%4:15:1

Dice Combinations

Image of Craps Snake Eyes

Craps is a game played with a pair of dice, each of which has six sides. This means that there are 6×6=36 combinations a shooter can throw in each roll.

Combinations have varying chances of being hit. The probability of rolling snake eyes is 2.77% since there is only one possible way to roll this number. In contrast, there are seven ways to roll a 7, which makes it more likely (16.66%).

As with other casino games, the frequency of an event (in this case, a number rolling) affects the odds. The higher the probability that a number will get rolled, the lower the payout —  and vice versa.

Knowing the statistics behind craps is important since hit frequency and payouts are correlated. It is important to learn the different combinations and their chances of being hit so you can work out the odds and develop a betting strategy that fits your budget.

The following table shows the chances of each possible roll combination. 

NumberCombinationNumber of ways it can get rolledChance of getting rolled

Understanding House Edge in Craps 

Image of House Edge of Craps

If you want to calculate the house edge on specific craps bets, you need to know the true odds for those rolls  the probability of each roll’s outcome. Suppose the true odds for a given roll are 3:1. This indicates that for every time you win a bet on that roll, you should theoretically lose three times. 

The house edge is the difference between the probability of a roll winning and the payout associated with that roll

With “odds” bets, the true odds and payouts are equal, so these bets have zero house edge.  However, casinos impose specific rules to offset this — a maximum amount you can stake on these bets. 


To play craps effectively, you must understand the math behind the bets: their probability and payout odds and, thus, their house edge. Based on this data, you can determine what betting strategy works best for you. 


What are 3-4-5x odds in craps? It means that you’re allowed to bet 3x your Pass Line Bet on the “Odds” when the Point is 4 or 10; 4x after a Point of 5 or 9; and 5x after a point of 6 or 8.
What bet has the biggest payout in craps? Aces (bet on the shooter throwing snake eyes) and boxcars (bet on the shooter throwing a 12 roll) have the largest payout odds in craps — 30:1 (33:1 in some places).
What is the likelihood of throwing a 7 in craps? The shooter has a 16.67% chance of throwing a Big Red in a craps game. The number seven has the highest probability of appearing.

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