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Crapless Craps - Learn How to Play, Bets & Payouts

Crapless craps breaks the mold of the classic gameplay pattern used in craps, giving players a chance to avoid losing on the come-out roll. Sometimes referred to as Never Ever Craps, this variation offers an exciting and unique approach that some craps players might find more suitable.

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Image of Crapless Craps

Still, crapless craps is not for everyone. Therefore, we decided to make an in-depth overview of the popular game, exploring the mechanics of the popular craps variation to help you determine if it’s a good fit. Read on.

What Is Crapless Craps?

Crapless craps is a form of craps where you can’t lose on the come-out roll. How so?

Simply put, all craps numbers (2, 3, and 12) are considered point numbers. Besides them, 11 is also regarded as a point number.

In craps, the most likely number to get is a 7, as there are six ways to get it. If you roll 7, it’s an instant win.

It’s simple: there are six ways to win and four more ways to establish a point if you’re a pass bettor; there aren’t any ways to lose. 

It’s a great tradeoff, or so it seems. Namely, the house edge and payouts are adjusted compared to the standard version of craps, and that might be a dealbreaker for some craps fans. We’ll address bets and payouts in the following sections.

Bets in Crapless Craps

Image of Bets in Crapless CrapsThe standard pass bets will establish a point at any other number except 7. Once a point is established, the pass bettors win only if a point number is rolled before 7. In this case, they are an underdog right from the start, given that the only number that can be rolled in six ways is seven.

Following that logic, the best point numbers are 6 and 8, as both can be rolled in five different ways using two six-sided dice. Next in line are 5 or 9, which can be rolled in four different ways, while 4 and 10 come in three combinations.

If a point number is 3 or 11, you’ll have only two combinations for each, while 2 and 12 have one possible combo each (1-1 and 6-6). Establishing one of those two numbers as a point is the worst-case scenario.

Players can also make the come bet. Like in traditional craps, come bets are made on rolls other than the come-out roll. If a point is established, you can get another point by making a come bet, and the next roll will be a come-out for the come bet. You win if it’s 7, and any other number becomes a point. Everything else is the same: the shooter needs to roll your point number before a seven to make you profit.

Crapless craps also features a range of free odds bets used to back pass and come wagers. These are the same but with slightly different payouts.

The place and buy bets also work in the same way as the ordinary craps game, but you can also place them on 2, 3, 11, or 12.

Payouts and House Edge in Crapless Craps

Image of Crapless Craps Payouts and House Edge

So far, we’ve been discussing the positive aspect of crapless craps. Of course, every online casino game modified compared to the standard variant has some drawbacks that the original doesn’t. Crapless craps is no exception.

First, we must address the house edge for the pass line in the two games. The standard house edge for the pass line wager in craps is 1.41%, while this figure goes up to 5.38% in crapless craps, which is a dealbreaker for many players. 

Since free odds of 6 to 1 on the 2 and 12 and 3 to 1 on the 3 and 11 are available, it’s possible to calculate the combined house edge of the pass line and the odds.

  • 1x odds = 2.936% house edge
  • 2x odds = 2.018% house edge
  • 3x odds = 1.538% house edge
  • 5x odds = 1.042% house edge

If you’re into place and buy bets, please refer to the two tables below to understand each option’s probabilities, odds, and house edge.

First, let’s look at the two options available as place bets.

Place betPayoutHouse edgeProbability
Place 2, 1211 to 27.1429%14.2857%
Place 3, 1111 to 46.25%25%

Here’s an overview of the same information for buy bets with different rules about the commission.

Buy betCommissionPayoutHouse edgeProbability
Buy 2, 12Only on wins119 to 200.7143%14.2857%
Buy 3, 11Only on wins59 to 201.2500%25%
Buy 2, 12Always119 to 214.7619%14.2857%
Buy 3, 11Always59 to 214.7619%25%


Crapless craps is an alternative to the standard craps game that never lived up to the popularity of the original. Even though it introduced a somewhat lucrative change, it was just the surface modification to attract inexperienced players.

By turning the craps numbers into point numbers, crapless craps may have eliminated the possibility of losing on the come-out roll. Still, it also significantly increased the house edge for pass bettors.


What is crapless craps? It is a variation of the game of craps wherein the player cannot lose when the come-out roll is rolled as part of the game. The losing numbers (also known as craps numbers), which are 2, 3, and 12, are all established as point numbers if you make the pass-line bet.
How is crapless craps different from regular craps? When the dice roll 2, 3, or 12 in crapless craps, the player cannot lose on the come-out roll, which can happen in standard craps. The player may still lose if the point is rolled again before a 7 following the come-out roll.
What is the house edge in crapless craps? If you go for the pass-line bet, the house edge in crapless craps is 5.382%. Unfortunately, that’s way more than in the standard game of craps, where the odds are calculated at 1.414%. The fact that you cannot lose on the come-out bet comes at a cost, it seems.
Are there any strategy tips for playing crapless craps? There isn’t a surefire strategy for improving your crapless craps chances. Some of the essential pieces of advice are not to bet the pass line unless you’re the one rolling the dice. Also, try to focus on normal inside bets if making place and buy wagers, as extreme outside numbers are way too risky.
Where can I find crapless craps games online? Crapless craps is more common in land-based casinos, so the number of online platforms that offer this game is limited.

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