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How to Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall - Beginner's Guide to Bingo Halls

As one of the oldest games of chance, bingo has easily gained popularity among different generations of players and spread to the online gaming sector. Nevertheless, its original format remained. Numerous bingo players prefer to play this game in bingo halls even today. If you’re interested in how bingo at bingo halls works and its features, stick around. The article will address these and other relevant questions.

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Image of How to Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall

Land-Based Bingo Main Features

Bingo originated from a 16th-century Italian game of chance called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. It quickly spread to the rest of Europe and then America.

It first appeared as bingo in the 1920s and gained popularity in the 1960s. The land-based bingo we play today kept most of its main features from this era.

We’ll discuss the most important ones below.

Bingo Halls

Image of Bingo Halls IconLand-based bingo’s most notable feature is the way this game is played.

Most land-based bingo games take place in bingo halls. These venues are usually owned by commercial companies and host live bingo games, with bingo tickets on sale beforehand.

Still, the number of players participating in the drawing is limited, so the land-based version isn’t as accessible as its online counterpart.

Social Aspect

Image of Social Aspect IconThe social component that comes with land-based bingo is another of its prominent features.

Bingo halls usually let players sit at rows of tables and follow the drawing. Some also offer food and drinks and create a festive atmosphere. They provide participants with a platform for:

  • Social interaction
  • Encourage competitiveness
  • Create an overall sense of community

Smaller Game Variation

Bingo Game Variety IconBingo has developed numerous variations over the years. However, not all of them are equally represented in the land-based realm. Bingo halls generally host:

  • 75-ball
  • 80-ball
  • 30-ball
  • Jackpot Progressive Bingo
  • Deal or no Deal variants

You’ll have to check which ones your venue hosts and study the schedule to participate. Online gambling sites offer a better selection and let players switch between the games.

Hefty Prizes

Hefty Bingo Prizes IconOnline bingo is known for being more profitable than its land-based equivalent because it’s hosted by casinos that offer lucrative bonuses. However, that’s not necessarily true.

Bingo games organized by large national lotteries usually feature progressive jackpot rewards, with many in the 7-figure range.

Bingo Procedures

Bingo procedures vary depending on the variant you’re playing and state laws. Many venues also change the procedures on their own accord to keep the game exciting and attract more players. However, a few general bingo rules are valid across the board.

  1. The game is played with bingo cards that comprise a specific set of numbers. Players purchase those cards at the official counter, take a seat in the hall, and wait for the drawing to start.
  2. Once the game begins, the caller (game host) at the hall’s center starts drawing numbered balls randomly and calling them out.
  3. The players should follow the drawing by marking the selected numbers on their bingo cards.
  4. The person with all the drawn numbers in the correct pattern yells Bingo! and the drawing stops.
  5. The caller or another game official will examine the card for validation and proclaim the lucky player the winner.

The top prize goes to the player who completes the pattern first, even if they are others who’ve accomplished the same. A new round of the game begins after the winner is announced.

Bingo at bingo halls typically has between 10 and 15 rounds and lasts up to three or four hours.

Bingo Cards Explained

Image of Bingo Card

Bingo cards are flat pieces of paper or cardboard with a printed grid. These grids usually comprise 25 squares organized into five columns and five rows. Each column in the grid is labeled with a letter, typically “B,” “I,” “N,” “G,” and “O”. Moreover, each square in the grid contains a number, usually from 1 to 75. The center square in the grid is known as the Free Space and is the only one not marked with a number.

The numbers displayed on a bingo card are limited to specific columns. For instance, the column labeled B can only include numbers from 1 to 15, the column labeled I numbers from 16 to 30, and so on. The players win by matching a column, row, or diagonal on their card to the drawn numbers. However, the exact rules differ between games. 

The number of digits players need to match on their cards and how they should be arranged varies. You can find bingo variants that require you to match only two numbers on your card and those that need you to cover the entire card to win the top reward. Some of the common patterns are in the picture below. Whatever the rules are, the caller will usually declare them before the drawing starts.

Image of Common Bingo Winning Patterns

Electronic Bingo Machines

Electronic bingo machines or video bingo are a type of slot machine where you can play this game digitally. They feature the standard bingo rules we’ve discussed above with some additions. The player receives anywhere from 1 to 4 cards with numbered grids. They can usually choose between several options and how much they want to bet.

Once they’ve decided, the screen will display a set of numbered balls. The game will automatically mark these numbers on their cards. The players whose cards match the numbers on the drawn balls in a required pattern win the prize. The value of the prize depends on the money you’ve bet. The larger your bet, the higher the reward.

Some video bingo games come with special features. Some games will let you play a separate mini-game if you’ve hit a winning combination in the base game. Others may also offer to draw extra balls if your number combo is a digit or two short of winning. However, these additional balls usually come at an extra cost.


Bingo is among the earliest and most-played games of chance around the world. It withstood the test of time for a reason. The game features simple rules, fun gameplay, and rewarding prizes.

You can play it in its original form in numerous bingo halls across the US or at different state lotteries. You might even strike a winning combo if you’re lucky — you never know.


What are bingo halls? Bingo halls are venues that host live land-based bingo games. They usually have a caller, who sits in the middle, and players, who sit at the surrounding tables and chairs. The caller draws random numbers, and the players compete against one another to hit the winning combination first.
How long does a land-based bingo game last? Bingo hall games typically have 10 to 15 shorter rounds with short intermissions. They can last anywhere from three to four hours.
Does bingo at bingo halls offer real-money prizes? It does. These rewards might not be as big as the ones you’d find in online casinos or national drawings, but they can still be rewarding.

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