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Learn How to Play Online Bingo and How It Works

With more than a billion players every year, bingo is one of the biggest games of chance in the world. Even though it has been popular for centuries, its integration into the iGaming world has played a large part in its recent success. You no longer have to drive far in search of good bingo halls or wait for national drawings to come around — online bingo variations are now available at numerous reputable online casinos.

List of Trusted Online Bingo Sites For US Players


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If you’re interested in trying any of them, keep reading. This article will explore how online bingo works and discuss its variants and benefits.

Image of How to Play Online Bingo at US bingo sites

Top US Bingo Sites

Due to its popularity among US players, bingo is often part of online casinos’ gaming catalogs. As a result, you shouldn’t have trouble finding it. Nevertheless, not all the sites that host bingo will be up to the task.

Use the following features to evaluate whether the US bingo site you’re considering is worth your time.

Licensing and Security

The first step to choosing an online gambling site is checking its licensing and security.

Make sure the casino you are considering has a valid permit from a well-known gambling regulatory body. Moreover, don’t forget to learn about the security measures the site employs to keep its users’ data protected.

You can usually find this information on the casino’s About Us and Terms and Conditions pages.

Game Selection

Games are the reason we come to casinos in the first place, so they’re the second feature you should focus on. Visit each casino’s gaming library and browse the bingo games it hosts.

In addition, ensure the site offers a sufficient number and variety of games to keep you entertained for more than one or two gambling sessions. Also, look into the developers these titles come from and try playing these bingo games in demo mode to check their quality.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most, if not all, online casinos available today offer bonuses and promotions. However, these deals have restrictions regarding the games you can use them for.

Since other casino classics often take precedence on these casino sites, the incentives might not apply to bingo.

Remember to check the terms and conditions attached to bonuses before you claim them to ensure you can use them on your favorite bingo games.

Payment Options

You won’t be able to play any bingo games without funding your casino account first. So, don’t forget to check the list of available payment methods before signing up.

Make sure the casino supports various reputable payment processors and includes the options you tend to gravitate toward when making a deposit. This way, you won’t have to waste time and energy opening other accounts and learning to use new payment services.

Customer Service

Last but not least on our list of important online casino features is customer service. You might have questions about the registration and verification process, doubts about promotions, or issues with your finances when you sign up with a new casino.

A responsive, friendly, and efficient support team can make all the difference when you’re a new user. A service where you can get help at any time of the day via multiple channels is invaluable.

How Online Bingo Works

Once you’ve found a casino you like and registered with it, you’ll be ready to start playing. Online bingo works similarly to its land-based counterpart, so you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if you have no experience with this game, it might be helpful to know what you can expect. 

Image of standard bingo card

Most online bingo games start by providing players with a specific number of virtual cards, usually from one to five. The cards are covered with random digits organized into a grid. The number of columns and rows in the grid varies depending on the variant you’re playing. The standard version of bingo typically has five rows and five columns. The columns might be labeled with letters “B,” “I,” “N,” “G,” and “O,” but that’s not always the case.

You’ll have to decide how many coins you want to bet and press the Play button. The computer will begin selecting numbers using a random number generator. These numbers will be marked on your bingo cards, creating patterns. If any of these patterns match the ones listed in the game’s guidelines, you’ll win a prize.

Most bingo games recognize more than one pattern, so you will be able to match numbers horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in various shapes (see the example below). They each have different payouts. The value of your prize will depend on the pattern you’ve matched and the size of your bet.

Image of 75 Ball Bingo Winning Patterns

Many modern online bingo variants include features of other casino games or rule modifications that make the gameplay even more enjoyable. For instance, you can play online bingo that utilizes the roulette betting table instead of regular bingo cards. It also allows you to bet on numbers using the roulette betting system — you can cover a row, a column, a square, and so on. These types of games have become more common recently.

Image of Roulette Grid Bingo Game

Different Types of Bingo Games

Decades of popularity have given rise to numerous bingo variants. Most of them were developed before the expansion of online gambling, while others were added later. They primarily differ in the number of balls and bingo cards used and the winning methods featured. We’ll list and discuss the most popular ones below.

90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the most popular online bingo variant. It’s probably the version you’ll find on the majority of gambling sites nowadays

It uses 90 numbered balls and 1–4 cards. Each card comprises 3 rows with 5 numbers — 15 digits in total.

Players can win a prize in three ways — by matching the drawn numbers in one horizontal line, by matching the numbers in two horizontal lines, or by covering their entire ticket in matches. The last method is called the full house and pays the most.

80-Ball Bingo

80-Ball Bingo is one of the newer bingo variants. It’s been created by online game developers in recent years and quickly gained popularity with players. As the name suggests, it uses 80 numbered balls. Players get 4×4 grid bingo cards with 16 digits in total.

This bingo variation rewards one of several patterns:

  • Specific numbers
  • Four corners
  • Horizontal lines
  • Vertical lines

The game will display the particular pattern it will reward before each drawing round starts. These patterns will change between the rounds.

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is the second most popular variant in the US after the 90-ball version. It’s the game that’s played in bingo halls across America, so it’s also known as American bingo. This variation draws numbers from a 75-ball pot. It uses bingo cards with a 5×5 grid and 24 digits in total. These cards differ from the others we’ve discussed in that they include an empty pocket, which sits in the middle of the grid. It counts as a matched number and helps players complete patterns.

Most 75-Ball Bingo variants reward players who’ve matched all the numbers on their cards (the full house). However, some variants also offer prizes to players who’ve matched the drawn numbers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.

30-Ball Bingo

30-Ball Bingo is another novel version of online bingo. It emerged with a wave of games that popularized fast-paced gameplay. The variant uses 30 numbered balls and 3×3 grid bingo tickets.

Each ticket has only nine numbers and pays when you match all of them. Most 30-Ball Bingo games don’t offer prizes for any other number patterns.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal Bingo is a variant inspired by two games — a UK game show with the same name and 90-Ball Bingo. The game begins with each player choosing a mystery numbered box. The drawing takes place immediately after this segment.

The game utilizes 90 numbered balls and 3×9 grid bingo cards. It also uses the 90-Ball Bingo prize system — it rewards players who’ve matched the drawn numbers in a single line or two lines or the players who have the full house. After the jackpot has been won, the mystery boxes reappear. The winners can choose between the prize they’ve won in the base game and a mystery box prize they’ve selected.

Progressive Jackpot Bingo

Progressive jackpot bingo variants are games with increasing top prizes. They can incorporate any set of rules and gameplay we’ve discussed above. However, their prize system is what makes them stand out. It works similarly to that of progressive jackpot slots. The more players play the game without getting the full house, the bigger the prize. It resets to a smaller fixed amount once the jackpot has been won.

Some games feature collective jackpots. They split the top prize between all players who have participated in the game. Nevertheless, they are slightly less common than the variant mentioned above.

Benefits of Online Bingo

While land-based bingo remains a great game, its online version offers perks that make it slightly more appealing. The following list explores them in detail.

  • Accessibility — A significant advantage of all online casino games is their accessibility. Online bingo isn’t a rare sight — you can play this game in numerous reputable casinos without leaving your home. There’s no schedule you need to follow or limitations in terms of variants. You can enjoy it whenever you like and switch between the games as you please.
  • Game variety — Online game developers cater to a large number of players and constantly compete with one another. They have to produce a wide variety of games regularly to survive in the market. As a result, the internet abounds with online bingo variants. Many of these aren’t available in the land-based version at all. They include traditional bingo games enhanced by special features, titles that combine several different games in one, releases with rule modifications, and so forth.
  • Demo mode — Most online bingo games come with a free play option. They allow you to enter the game, learn its rules, and try your hand at it without investing any money. You will get an opportunity to widen your horizons regarding game variety and find your perfect match at no cost.
  • Generous Prizes — Online bingo games often offer heftier prizes than their land-based equivalents. The reason is twofold:


Online bingo is among the most played games in the country. It comes in numerous exciting variants, it’s easy to play, and it offers fantastic prizes. 

You can try your luck at this game in a few simple steps — use our guide to choose a good US bingo site, browse and test its games to find a favorite, make a deposit, and start playing. It’s as simple as that!


How does online bingo work? Online bingo is similar to its land-based counterpart in terms of rules and gameplay. The game provides you with bingo cards covered in digits. A set of random numbers is called, and you can win a prize if your card numbers match the drawn numbers in a particular pattern.
Can I play online bingo for real money? You can. Most online casinos that host bingo today let you play those games for real money. All you have to do is register, make a deposit, and find the title you like the most.
What are the best bingo strategies? Bingo is a game of chance, so there aren’t any tips and tricks that can help you lower the house edge. Nevertheless, a bankroll strategy might help you make the most of the game. You can learn about various progressive and non-progressive bankroll tactics online.

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