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Casinos and Gambling in Hawaii

Casinos in HawaiiHawaii is one of the states with the most conservative gambling laws.

Almost all forms of gambling is banned and there isn’t even a set gambling age due to the ban against it.

There aren’t even tribal casinos located within Hawaii’s borders, or a state lottery.

Due to the strictness of Hawaii’s policies regarding gambling make it hard to foresee online gambling being legal in the near future.

However, there are no laws in place that make online gambling illegal, so players can enjoy gambling on one of the many US friendly offshore online online casinos and/or poker sites.

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Casinos in Hawaii

We have compiled a guide to every single US State that is going to let you know whether there are any casinos available in that State. However, as more and more people enjoy playing from home we will also be letting you know about playing any type of casino games online, which may just be something that you are interested in doing.

This guide is dedicated to Hawaii, and many people do visit Hawaii each year and will, as part of their vacation be hoping there will be at least some form of gambling activities that they are going to be able to take part in on the island, and that may just be something that you are interested in doing too.

With that in mind please do read through this guide to casinos in Hawaii as it will give you plenty of ideas of where and how you will be able to play casino games and we will also be answering some general questions in regards to some of the most popular games that you can access when in Hawaii too and with also revealing to you a host of facts and figures too which you are sure to find very interesting.

Hawaii State Stats

Hawaii is in regards to size the 47th largest US State and is a total of 6,459 total square miles in size and if you wish to gamble at a casino either an online or in a land based casino in any US State and you are from Hawaii then you have to be over the age of 21 to be able to legally do so.

Hawaii is known by the abbreviation of HI and its date of statehood was back in the year 1959 the current capital city is Honolulu which became the capital city in the year 1845 it has a municipal population of 337,256 people. Currently there are no land based casinos in this US State however you will find many online casinos are available to you if you live or are visiting this US State.

Gambling Laws in Hawaii

The gambling laws in Hawaii are just as strict as in any other US State, be aware there are no land based bricks and mortar casinos in Hawaii but to gamble online you will have to be at the least 21 to do so.

All casino games offered to players in Hawaii have to be fair and completely random, and there is of course a complaints procedure that you can go through if you experience any problems with any licensed casinos in Hawaii. Also be aware that online casinos that you can access in Hawaii will be licensed in offshore jurisdictions, the gambling jurisdiction that licenses each different casino site will be indicated on each casino website.

Top Bricks and Mortar Casinos in Hawaii

There are no casinos in Hawaii but there are casino cruise ships in Florida and the surrounding waters as detailed below

  • 1Trade Winds Casino Cruise – The address and phone number of the Trade Winds Casino Cruise Company is as follows: 8010 US-80, Savannah, GA 31410, USA. Phone: +1 912-988-8000.
  • 2Emerald Princess Casino – The address and phone number of the Emerald Princess Casino is 101 Gisco Point Dr, Brunswick, GA 31523, USA. Phone: +1 912-265-3558.

Hawaii State Gambling Resources

There are no official agencies in Hawaii that are overseeing casino gambling and regulating casinos in that US State, however we do think you will find the following resources of interest, so please check out the website of any of the following gambling regulatory agencies in the US.

They are the Multi-State Lottery Association  and the National Gambling Impact Study Commission and the National Indian Gaming Association and the National Indian Gaming Commission for more information on how they do regulate, license and oversee gambling activities in this State please check out their respective websites for more details.

If you live in Hawaii and you feel that you may have a gambling problem or are not in control of your gambling activities then you will be best advised to seek help and support from Hawaii Gamblers Anonymous who offer free and confidential advice and support to anyone with or who is affected by any type of gambling addiction problem.

Advice for Casino Gambling in Hawaii


As you are going to have to sign up to an online casino if you want to play casino games in Hawaii then we would suggest you spend some time taking a look around our website and selecting one of our US player friendly casinos to sign up to and play at.

The reason for that is that each of them are fully equipped to cater for American players and each of them will additionally let you deposit, play and withdraw all of your winnings in USD, so you will never be forced to have to pay currency exchange rate fees which will save you a lot of money over the long term!

Frequently Asked Questions about Casinos in Hawaii

We are sure that no matter where in Hawaii you live or you may be visiting, there will be some questions that you will have in regards to which casino games will be worth tracking down and playing online and always which will be the very best casinos to visit and play at!

That is where the following section is going to come into its own as we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below and have answer each of those questions for you, so read on to find out more As this sections should help you decide where to play and which games will be the most appealing and better paying games too!

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