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Casinos and Gambling in Georgia

Casinos in GeorgiaGeorgia has a few gambling options for those residing within its borders. They can enjoy the state lottery, charitable gaming, and the gambling that’s offered on the cruise ships. This limited gambling venue makes it a pretty safe bet to assume that players who really want to gamble either go to another state or turn to the online casinos.

Even tough online gambling is illegal in Georgia, this refers to the running of an online poker site or online casino inside the state lines. It does not refer to players who log in to an offshore gambling site to play for real money. However, there are very serious age restrictions for gambling in Georgia and this goes for anyone who gambles in a land based venue or online. Anyone who plans on doing any gambling must meet the age requirement of 21, even if they plan on gambling via the Internet.

Top Online Casinos in Georgia

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Casinos in Georgia

There are a huge number of people who live in Georgia who love to gamble, and that is one of the main reasons why we have chosen to put together the following guide that is going to give you a deep insight into the casino related gambling venues and online casinos that are currently open and available to players who live in or are visiting Georgia.

There are several unique aspects about gambling in Georgia that we would like to draw to your attention so please do digest all of the information that we have put together and compiled for you in regards to the range and type of casino games that you can access and play when in this US State.

Also you will find below information on the gambling laws surrounding casino games and casino gambling in Georgia which we feel you should be aware of before you start to gamble in any casino.

One thing is certain however and that is you will have plenty of fun and plenty of winning opportunities too when playing casino games in this beautiful US State and there are always going to be plenty of high valued jackpot sup for grabs on any of the game you will be able to play and access too!

Georgia State Stats

Moving onto our next section of this guide we shall now pass onto you some rather interesting facts about the US State of Georgia. The Land Size is 57,513 sq. miles and this US State has a population of 9,919,945 of which 74.60% are over the age of 18. The legal minimum gambling age for casino gambling is 21.

If you want to know how many casinos are in the Georgia State boundaries and if so then you will be interested to learn that there are no casinos. Below you will find details on which casino venues that we feel are worth visiting if you are ever in Georgia so please do read on for you will find that information of interest if you wish to visit any of them now or in the very near future.

Gambling Laws in Georgia

If you are over the age of 21 then you will find that there are plenty of legal gambling activities that you can partake in throughout the US State of Georgia, however you should always ensure that you have some form of picture I.D. on you as each gambling establishment will be required to verify you are over the age of 21 if needed.

There are help and support groups available in Georgia to anyone who feels that there gambling activities have spiralled out of control and if you are one such person then please do pay a visit to the very informative Georgia Gamblers Anonymous website for more details of the services and support they can offer confidentially and for free.

Top Bricks and Mortar Casinos in Georgia

  • 1Trade Winds Casino Cruise – The address and phone number of the Trade Winds Casino Cruise Company is 8010 US-80, Savannah, GA 31410, USA. Phone: +1 912-988-8000.
  • 2Emerald Princess Casino – The address and phone number of the Emerald Princess Casino is 101 Gisco Point Dr, Brunswick, GA 31523, USA. Phone: +1 912-265-3558.

Georgia State Gambling Resources

In Georgia there are two agencies that oversee a large number of the gambling activities that are accessible in that us State and those two agencies are the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Bingo Unit and the Georgia Lottery, for more information on them please do feel free to checkout their websites.

One type of gambling activity that many people in Georgia do enjoy is playing a large range of different casino games found at online casinos, and if you are considering doing so then you will need to ensure the casino site you are playing at is fully licensed by an offshore gambling authority of offshore gambling commission of which there are many!

Advice for Gambling in Georgia


You must go on a casino cruise if you want to play casino games in the US State of Georgia and as such you must plan your gambling adventures in advance to ensure you are at the dock in time for the connecting boat to transport you to the main casino ship.

However, what you will also be able to do in Georgia is sign up for an online casino site or one of many different mobile casino sites and by doing so you will be able to play casino games anywhere on your mobile device or from the comfort of your own home if you choose to sign up at an online casino site.

We have listed throughout our website some of the very best casinos that are available to players over the age of 21 who live or reside or are even visiting Georgia, so please to check out the websites of those casinos are you will find some rather generous and very tempting sign up bonuses are on offer to you at each of those sites and some even more generous ongoing loyalty type bonuses that you can claim too!

Frequently Asked Questions about Casinos in Georgia

When you are visiting Georgia or even live there and you wish to play casino games the only options you have will be either to pay a visit to one of the casino cruise boats and play the casino games they have on offer on those vessels for you could play from the comfort of your own home at an online or mobile casino site.

If you do fancy gambling in any such venue or online or mobile casino site, then below we have several questions that you may have about doing so and those answers are answered below too.

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