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Casinos and Gambling in Kentucky

Casinos in KentuckyKentucky is known for many things such as mint julep, bluegrass and an abundance of greenery.

One of the other things Kentucky is most known for would be horse racing. This may cause people to think the state is extremely tolerant of all forms of gambling, but this would actually be false. In fact, many Kentucky residents find themselves travelling up to Indiana to enjoy some of the gambling opportunities they have to offer.

Although it is not legal to run an online poker site or online casino from the state of Kentucky, there are no laws that would prohibit someone from logging into an offshore online gambling site from within the state to play poker or enjoy other casino games.

Top Online Casinos in Kentucky

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Casinos in Kentucky

There are of course some US States that do not permit land based casinos and are not as liberal when it comes to their respective gambling laws as some other US States and that is going to be the case if you are a casino game player and you are planning on going to Kentucky.

This is one place in the US of only a small number where you will not find any land based casinos, however one thing that you may be able to do when you are in Kentucky is gamble online, for over the last few years we have seen quite a lot of online casinos that have opened their cyber doors of players living in most US States including Kentucky.

As such if you are one of our many website visitors who would like to learn more about the specific laws and regulations surrounding gambling in America with something of a leaning towards Kentucky then we invite you to read on for all will be revealed to you in this guide which should then allow you to make an informed decision on where to play online if that is something you do fancy doing.

Kentucky State Stats

Kentucky is in regards to size the 37th largest US State and is a total of 40,411 total square miles in size and if you wish to gamble at a casino either an online or in a land based casino in any US State and you are from Kentucky then you have to be over the age of 21 to be able to legally do so.

Kentucky is known by the abbreviation of KY and its date of statehood was back in the year 1792 the current capital city is Frankfort which became the capital city in the year 1792 it has a municipal population of 25,527 people. Currently there are no land based casinos in this US State however you will find many online casinos are available to you if you live or are visiting this US State.

Gambling Laws in Kentucky

The gambling laws in Kentucky are just as strict as in any other US State, be aware there are no land based bricks and mortar casinos in Kentucky but to gamble online you will have to be at the least 21 to do so.

All casino games offered to players in Kentucky have to be fair and completely random, and there is of course a complaints procedure that you can go through if you experience any problems with any licensed casinos in Kentucky. Also be aware that online casinos that you can access in Kentucky will be licensed in offshore jurisdictions, the gambling jurisdiction that licenses each different casino site will be indicated on each casino website.

Top Bricks and Mortar Casinos in Kentucky

There are no land based casinos in Kentucky, however below are some casinos that are located over the border in Ohio that you may be interested in visiting.

  • 1Hard Rock – The first casino we think you will like in Ohio is this one and the address and phone number is as follows: Address: 10777 Northfield Rd, Northfield, OH 44067, USA Phone +1 330-908-7625
  • 2Hollywood Casino Columbus – Another casino worth visiting is this one and the contact details are as follows: Address: 200 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228, USA Phone: +1 614-308-3333
  • 3Hollywood Casino Toledo – One additional casino that you may wish to visit when in this US State or the local area is this one and the contact and address of this casino is: Address: 1968 Miami St, Toledo, OH 43605, USA Phone: +1 419-661-5200.

Kentucky State Gambling Resources

In Kentucky there are three different agencies that oversee and regulate gambling activities in that US State and those agencies are the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming and the Kentucky Lottery and the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority for more information on how they do regulate, license and oversee gambling activities in this State please check out their respective websites for more details.

If you live in Kentucky and you feel that you may have a gambling problem or are not in control of your gambling activities then you will be best advised to seek help and support from Kentucky Gamblers Anonymous who offer free and confidential advice and support to anyone with or who is affected by any type of gambling addiction problem.

Advice for Casino Gambling in Kentucky


As there are no land based casinos in the US State of Kentucky then you are faced with two decisions in regards to playing casino games if you are ever visiting that State and the first will be to drive over the broader into a neighbouring State and visiting one of the casinos there.

However, always keep in mind that there are many online casino sites that are available to you if you are in Kentucky which mean you will be able to sign up to those sites and play for free or for real money without having to leave your home to do so!

Frequently Asked Questions about Casinos in Kentucky

You should have no problem what so ever finding an online casino to play it if you are in the US State of Kentucky as there are lots of casino sites available to you where you will have a huge choice of casino games to play.

Gambling at a casino site may seem a little daunting at first however to help ease your mind and answer any questions that you have about doing so below you will find answers to some of the most asked casino related questions, so look below and take in all of the answers and digest them too!

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