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Baccarat Side Bets — Explanations and Payouts

Baccarat is a simple card game where you mostly bet on the banker, the player, and sometimes a tie. This minimalism makes it exciting to many, but sometimes, you want more. That’s where side bets come in.

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Cafe Casino

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Image of Baccarat Side Bets

Even though their payouts aren’t frequent like the base wagers, they are large, making the entire game more appealing.

Let’s examine how they work and which side bets you can use.

How Do Baccarat Side Bets Work?

Each side bet in baccarat is unique, giving you a chance to predict a specific outcome in the base game. However, all side bets work like bonus wagers, meaning they don’t affect the game’s primary mode.

Most of these are placed as soon as the round starts. They usually offer low chances of winning, but the payouts are much larger than the base bets.

Available Side Bets

Baccarat has many variations, and most offer their own sets of side bets. As their total number ranges in the hundreds, we’ll focus on the ones you’re likely to see in most games. 

Double 8

Image of Baccarat Double 8Bet on the player’s and banker’s hands having a value of 8.

The payout is 15:1.

Bellagio Match

Image of Baccarat Bellagio MatchThe Bellagio Match lets you bet on the banker or player getting a three-of-a-kind. Here are the payouts:

  • Player — 75:1 with a 5.27% house edge
  • Banker — 68:1 with an 8.57% house edge

All Red or All Black

Image of Baccarat Red or BlackBet on the player’s hand having only red cards or black cards. The payouts are:

  • All red — 22:1 with a house edge of 14%
  • All black — 24:1 with a house edge of 6.53%

Dragon Bonus

Image of Baccarat Dragon BonusHave action on the player or banker winning the round with a natural 8 or 9. However, there must be a certain margin between the player’s and the banker’s hands. Banker comes with a house edge of 9.37% and the player with 2.65%. Here are the payouts:

  • Margin of 4 — 1:1
  • Margin of 5 — 2:1
  • Margin of 6 — 4:1
  • Margin of 7 — 6:1
  • Margin of 8 — 10:1
  • Margin of 5 — 30:1
  • Margin of 3 or less — The bet is lost

Matching Dragon

Image of Baccarat Matching DragonThis collection of wagers lets you put a few bucks on how many cards of a certain rank will be dealt to the player or the banker. The house edge is very high, sitting at 16.99%, and the payouts are:

  • 1 cards — 1:1
  • 2 cards — 3:1
  • 3 cards — 20:1
  • 4 cards — 40:1
  • 5 cards — 60:1
  • 6 cards — 100:1
  • 0 cards — The bet is lost

Dragon 7

Image of Baccarat Dragon 7To win this bet, you need the banker to win with a three-card hand of 7 points, for example, a 2, 3, and 2.

The payout is 40:1, and the house edge is 7.61%.

Panda 8

Image of Baccarat Panda 8Put money on the player winning with a three-card hand of 8 points.

The payout is 25:1, and the house edge is 10.18%.

Combined Value

Image of Baccarat Combined ValueThis collection of side bets lets you predict the combined value of the banker’s and player’s cards.

Here are the most popular options, together with their payouts:

  • Over 9.5 — 1.66:1
  • Under 9.5 — 2.23:1
  • Odd value — 1.92:1
  • Even value — 1.91:1


Image of Baccarat QuikQuik is the same as the combined value side bets, with the difference being that you have to guess a specific value. Here are the typical options and their payouts:

  • 1-3 — 1:1
  • 15-17 — 1:1
  • 18 — 25:1
  • 0 — 50:1
  • 4-17 — You lose the bet

Big and Small (4-5-6)

Image of Baccarat Big and SmallThis wager lets you predict the combined number of cards in the banker’s or player’s hand at the end of the round. The payouts are:

  • Bet on four cards — 3:2
  • Bet on five cards — 2:1
  • Bet on six cards — 2:1

Either Pair

Image of Baccarat Either PairHave action on the player or banker getting a pair in the first two dealt cards.

The payout is 5:1.

Perfect Pair

Image of Baccarat Perfect PairThis bet wins when the banker or the player gets two same cards with an identical suit.

The payout is 25:1.

3-Card Six

Image of Baccarat 3-Card Six3-card six lets you place money on both the player and the banker or just one of them getting a 3-card hand of sixes.

The house edge is 13.37% and here are the payouts:

  • Banker or Player — 8:1
  • Both — 100:1

Super 6

Image of Baccarat Super 6Have action on the total of a banker’s or player’s hand being six.

The payout is 12:1, with a house edge of 29.98%.

Lucky Bonus

Image of Baccarat Lucky BonusBet on the banker’s hand having a winning 6. It’s the same as the Super 6 but comes with a different house edge and payout when offered like this.

You cannot stake more than 10% of the banker bet as the player has an advantage of 2.34%.

The payout is 18:1, with a house edge of only 1.11%.

Royal Match

Image of Baccarat Royal MatchPlace a few bucks on the banker’s or player’s hand having a queen or king in the opening hands.

The house edge is low, sitting at 2.13%, while the payouts are:

  • Suited king & queen — 75:1
  • Non-suited king & queen — 30:1

Rabbit Play

Image of Baccarat Rabbit PlayRabbit play is a pair of side bets you can place on the player or the banker.

The house edge on the player is 8.07%, and on the banker, it’s 9.31%. The bets and their payouts are the following:

  • Unsuited Pair – 7:1
  • Suited Pair – 15:1
  • Three-of-a-Kind (Unsuited) – 50:1
  • Three-of-a-Kind (Suited) – 500:1

Golden Frog

Image of Baccarat Golden FrogGolden Frog requires predicting a highly specific outcome. However, the payouts are massive:

  • Any 8 defeating any 6 — 25:1 with a house edge of 21.79%
  • 2-card 9 defeating a 2-card 7 — 50:1 with a house edge of 8.10%
  • 3-card 9 defeating a 3-card 1 — 150:1 with a house edge of 13.87%
  • 3-card 9 defeating a 3-card 7 — 200:1 with a house edge of 11.89%


Side bets are typically hard to win, but they offer a high dose of excitement to an otherwise pretty monotone game thanks to tall payouts. Use them sporadically, and make sure to place the ones with the lowest house edges. This way, you’ll never lose too much money while keeping the fun alive. 


What are side bets in baccarat? Side bets are extra wagers you can make in baccarat without affecting the main game. You can place them in addition to the main ones in both online and live dealer baccarat games.
How to place a side bet? In most baccarat games, the side bet buttons will be clearly visible. Click it to put down money. In a land-based casino, consult with the dealer.
Are baccarat side bets worth it? Not really. Their payouts may be huge, but the house edges are high, and your chances of winning are low. However, they add excitement to the base game and give you a shot at winning a large sum with a single click. If you want to place them, do it occasionally, and avoid the ones with very high house edges.

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