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Top 5 Baccarat Roads Explained Including Scoreboard Examples

Playing baccarat might be quite easy to master given the game’s simplicity, but understanding those blue and red charts you see on the screen could pose an issue. Those charts are called baccarat roads and serve as pictorial representations of the results of previous rounds and more.

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Image of Baccarat Roads Explained

This article will discuss baccarat roads and help you understand possible trends to increase your chances of winning at baccarat

What Are Baccarat Roads?

Baccarat roads are statistical representations of previous rounds in a baccarat game that help players spot a trend in the results of the current dealing shoe and, possibly, any patterns.

Many players are keen on using baccarat roads in combination with their baccarat strategy to attempt and predict future outcomes.

Baccarat roads consist of a grid with dots and circles of different colors. The meaning of these colors changes depending on the road in question. However, all roads consist of a number of cells across six rows in height and a minimum of 12 columns in width. A new set of baccarat roadmaps comes whenever a new shoe is introduced. 

We can come across five standard baccarat roads in both RNG-based and live versions of the game.

The Bead Plate

The Bead Plate is the basic building component of all Baccarat Roads and is hence commonly referred to as the “cornerstone” of these roads.

The fact that it is so straightforward gives players and analysts a picture of the game’s history that is both accurate and easy to understand. Each square on the Bead Plate represents the results of a single hand in a game of Baccarat, and the grid’s colors alternate between blue and red.

Image of The Bead Plate Baccarat Roads

When the Banker takes the round, the squares become blue, and when the Player does, they turn red. This graphic roadmap begins to populate as the game goes on, giving players a glimpse of the adventure they have to go through.

If blue squares predominate on the Bead Plate, the Banker is in control of the game. This data is useful for players of all skill levels, as it allows them to quickly and easily modify their betting strategy in response to changing circumstances during a game of Baccarat.


The Big Road

Expanding upon the foundational Bead Plate, the Big Road, also known as the “Big Road Bead Plate,” takes Baccarat tracking to a more granular level. However, instead of squares, this road uses a sequence of symbols that, when put together, form the shape of a road.

Each icon represents a single hand and expressly denotes whether the Banker won, the Player won, or the hand ended in a tie. It is essentially the game’s equivalent of a visual storyteller.

Image of The Big Road Baccarat Roads

The Big Road’s charm stems from the light it sheds on trends and streaks in the game’s results. A run of Banker victories or a tight contest between the Banker and Player may be seen at a glance by the participants. With the help of these visualizations, gamblers may make better wagering judgments.

The Big Eye Boy

When used in conjunction with the Big Road, the Big Eye Boy is a useful tool for seeing subtler trends in the Baccarat game.

This road adopts a different method, depicting the results of the game using clusters of red and blue dots rather than individual dots. Each grouping represents the result of the preceding hand, providing a visually arresting summary of the game’s development.

Image of The Big Eye Boy Baccarat Roads

If the gamer in you thrives on finding hidden patterns in the Big Road, the Big Eye Boy will be your best friend. The arrangement of these dots and how they are distributed might provide players with valuable information on the unpredictability of the game. They can recognize patterns of one team always following the other, as well as times when the game suddenly tips in one side’s favor substantially.

The Small Road

Image of The Small Road Baccarat Roads

The Small Road, or Small Road Bead Plate, provides a much more comprehensive accounting of Baccarat results. Information discovered in the Big Road is condensed and represented symbolically for easier comprehension. Players can monitor patterns and trends in the game using the Road as it utilizes the available real estate more effectively.

Because of its space optimization, it is a useful tool for those individuals who are looking to strike a balance between being thorough and making efficient use of space. Experienced Baccarat players often turn to the Small Road to gain a deeper understanding of the game’s history and tendencies.

The Cockroach Pig

The Cockroach Pig, whose name is both interesting and descriptive, is the most difficult of the Baccarat Roads. It deepens our understanding of the ideas established on the Small Road and offers our most comprehensive look into Baccarat developments thus far. It gets its name from the fact that its symbols may be grouped to form forms that evoke images of both cockroaches and pigs.

Image of The Cockroach Pig Baccarat Roads

As its description suggests, is not for the faint of heart or those looking for a simple experience; rather, it is a tool intended for experienced players and analysts who are looking to find the game’s most subtle and well-hidden patterns and nuances. It allows them to anticipate changes in the game’s dynamics that might elude simpler roads

For newcomers, the Cockroach Pig’s amount of detail and intricacy may be intimidating; nevertheless, those who are prepared to put in the time and effort can be rewarded with useful insights.

How to Use Baccarat Roads

The purpose of baccarat roads is to show you if there are any patterns in the dealing show and how they are manifested. Learning to interpret the results from baccarat roadmaps is crucial in developing a betting strategy

Some roads simply show you the results of previous rounds, while others, such as the Big Eye Boy or the Cockroach Road, show you evident patterns. If you believe a trend is at hand, place your bet accordingly. 

When to Use Baccarat Roads

The best time to use baccarat roads is when you have mastered the basic gameplay and when you feel ready to take your game to the next level.

Remember, a trend or no trend, the outcome of the next round is purely random, and there is no guarantee that the trend will continue if it ever was one. 


What is a baccarat road? A baccarat road is a graphic representation of the outcomes of previous rounds in the game of baccarat.
What are the different kinds of baccarat roads? There are five most popular types of baccarat roads: Big Road, Bead Plate, Small Road, Big Eye Boy Road, and Cockroach Road. Big Road and Bead Plate are the basic ones, while the other three are derivatives.
How to use baccarat roads? Use baccarat roads to discern a possible pattern or a trend in the game and possibly increase your chances of success.

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