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Caribbean Stud Poker Live – Play Caribbean Stud Poker Live at the US Live Dealer Casinos

Caribbean Stud Poker LiveEvolution Gaming, since the early 2010s, has increasingly developed superior live games for the live casino market. One of those is Live Caribbean Stud Poker, a fast-paced poker game that comes with a progressive jackpot.

This design of it resembles the original version of Caribbean Stud Poker, and that makes learning and mastering this game an easy task.

As a live dealer game, it is offered via web or mobile browsers and featured a live dealer.

The schedule for dealers changes every four hours to ensure dealers remain alert and not fatigued. Streamed through high-definition webcams and Dolby-supported microphones, it affords users high-definition video and sounds that enhance the overall quality, but also the experience derived through it.

Best U.S. Live Caribbean Stud Poker casinos to play this game

Those who were accustomed to playing online in the U.S. have seen turmoil since the implementation of the UIGEA. It created an unfriendly landscape for American players that saw the exit of virtually all online betting sites from the market.

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However, while changes have been at a snail’s pace, a number of states including New Jersey, West Virginia, Nevada, Delaware and Rhode Island have enacted independent state laws to allow it. That has seen multiple operators applying and being granted licenses to offer a variety of casino style games, including live dealer games such as Caribbean Stud Poker. These casinos support both mobile and instant-play formats while maintaining the highest levels of security to ensure the experience received is equal to any other players may have at their disposal.

How Live Caribbean Stud Poker works

Live Caribbean Stud Poker is played as anticipated, with players receiving five cards that are face-up. The dealer deals himself four cards facedown, and one face up. Instead of players betting against rival opponents, they bet against the dealer as there aren’t any additional players at this live dealer table. Players must bet accordingly to what they believe is the better hand, their own or the dealers. After in-round betting is complete, the dealer will flip over his four facedown cards and compare your hand against their own. Whoever has the better cards wins the round pot.

How to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Live Caribbean Stud Poker is one that resembles Texas Hold’em, with the critical difference being that there aren’t any other players at the table. Winning this game requires to have a hand that’s better than the dealers, that’s as simple as it gets. The dealer must be sporting either an Ace, King or Higher to be able to compete against their opposing player.

As mentioned above, players will receive five cards that are shown face up. The dealer also gets five cards, with only one faced. Based on the face up card showing, players must decide if they want to fold or call. After that decision is made, the dealer’s hand is displayed and typically, wins will be paid out by the dealer at 5:1, but if players land on a royal flush that will be increased to 1000:1

Those interested in playing with the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot will be required to place an optional side-bet. For the progressive jackpot to be won, players will need a royal flush. However, the side bet also allowed for fixed payouts for full houses, straight flushes, three of a kind and four of a kind.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker in the USA

Evolution Gaming’s Live Caribbean Stud Poker is quickly jumping in popularity in the United States. Texas Hold’em has always been a popular game amongst Americans, which means that a live dealer rendition of that game which is simplified in all the right aspects has enabled it to grow. As such, most land-based and online casinos offer a version of it, both in its traditional style as well as live dealer.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

Some simple tricks and tips can be used when playing Live Caribbean Stud Poker and implementing these tips will enhance chances at winning large pots. The tips include:
  • Make sure to spectate the game before betting for the first time.
  • Always double ante on a King, Ace or Higher.
  • Practice strategies as much as possible to perfect them.
  • Speak with the dealer on sensitive subjects to ruin his momentum.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

This Evolution Gaming title is relatively new, and for many, there is a learning curve to Live Caribbean Stud Poker. Luckily, players can access a demo version of this game or play at a minimum of $0.01. This means that the learning process for novice players won’t be expensive, especially when choosing a casino offering Caribbean Stud Poker as it will allow for relative quick understanding of betting strategies and what defence protocols they can use when the dealer is winning.

After mastering Live Caribbean Stud Poker, we recommend that players double ante against the dealer whenever the opportunity is made available. Instead of folding, push forwards and activate the jackpot bet. While betting against the dealer, speak with them about sensitive subjects in hopes of distracting the dealer and occasionally forcing them to fold. What is important to remember is there is a fundamental rule with this game whereby if your cards are higher than an ace or king, push forwards. However, if your cards are lower, it’s in your best interest to fold. Since five cards are dealt every hand, it’s more common to have a higher valued card than it is a lower one, and that allows for players to fight against the dealer regularly.

This strategy isn’t all about pushing forward; it’s about keeping the house edge at a bare minimum. This requires folding hands whenever the cards in your hand aren’t advantageous. By forcing a hand to fold, the house edge evens out after three or four consecutive wins. Repeating this process creates a loophole where every three to four bets will be potentially profitable. This is the only strategy that works with Live Caribbean Stud Poker but doesn’t always succeed. Ultimately, this is a game of chance, and there’s no guaranteed way to ensure the pot is won every round. Overall, however, the game is simple, and so is the strategy and complicating things can and will drive the house edge into the dealer’s favour. The best thing practise is to follow the basic strategies and tips we’ve provided for you. They will allow for novices to learn, adapt, master and win at Live Caribbean Stud Poker.


Evolution Gaming has done well with its live Caribbean Stud Poker. The ability to trigger its progressive jackpot is a real draw for those who enjoy Caribbean stud poker, and the introduction of strategy that helps to reduce the house edge is one, in this version, that can pay dividends tenfold. The transparency and flexibility aren’t any different than Texas Hold’em, and that makes it more accessible to a greater range of player, whether novice or skilled.

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