Casino Etiquette - Must KnowsCasinos have been a source of fun and excitement for years now. While they were once reserved only for the rich and famous, that’s not the case anymore.

Today, everyone is welcome to a casino as long as they are willing to spend some cash.

However, every player who intends to be a part of the gambling world has to be aware of casino etiquette.

Below you can read about the most common rules you should follow whenever you head to any land-based gaming hub. Let’s start!

List of the 10 must-know casino etiquette:

  1. Dress the Part

    Dress The Part IconEven though most casinos nowadays opt for a more relaxed dress code, this is not always the case. While you might be able to get into a casino casually dressed during the day, try not to do so if you’re planning to visit gambling halls at night. At this time, your appearance should be a bit more elegant.

    The best thing you should do regarding the dress code is to check the casino’s stance on it before you visit the venue. But even without checking, one thing is certain — you can never be overdressed for a night in a casino.

    On the other hand, you can easily be under-dressed, so I believe sparing a few extra minutes for dressing up is a safe bet.

  2. Master the Rules

    Master The Rules IconEvery casino player was once a beginner and a first-time visitor; no doubt about that.

    However, the ugly truth is that no one cares about that at all — neither dealers nor other players.

    For your everyday casino player, the game pace is constant at all times, and while they might assist you once or twice, they definitely won’t stop the game to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

    • In other words, you should learn all the rules of the games you want to play.

    Nowadays, you can find many free lessons on the web or even ask a regular casino player to teach you a few tricks.

    Once you feel confident about your knowledge, you can step into any casino you find appealing.

  3. Limit the Budget and Stick to It

    Keep To Limit Your Budget IconBefore you head to a casino, decide how much money you’re willing to spend and only carry that amount of cash with you. Under no circumstances should you bring an unlimited credit card or cash you need for something else.

    Namely, you will have both good and bad days — sometimes you’ll win and sometimes lose. While winning, you won’t be thinking about your budget at all.

    However, if you go into a losing streak, you might easily go down the rabbit hole and spend more than you can afford to lose.

    To prevent that scenario, limit your budget and stick to it. The moment you’re left with no chips, it’s time to remember you’re a responsible gambler — get your things and leave the casino.

  4. Mind Your Drinking

    Mind Your Drinking IconWhile being a little tipsy might look cute at times, know that no one likes being around a drunk person. This is particularly true in casinos where people focus on gameplay most of the time.

    Although casinos prefer visitors who drink alcohol and lose track of their spending, they don’t tolerate any inappropriate behavior.

    • The moment the casino notices you’re acting strange or inappropriate, your hours will be counted.

    With that in mind, have a drink or two in a sensible environment to raise your spirit, but know when to stop while your in the casino.

  5. Silence Your Phone

    Silence Your Phone IconThe reason why you’re going to a casino is to have some fun and possibly win some extra cash. As you will likely choose to do so when you have nothing else to do, it means you won’t be expecting any important phone calls.

    What I’m trying to imply here is that you should turn your phone off or put it on silent.

    • In some casinos, you won’t even be allowed to have your phone handy during a game.

    Even if there’s no official rule that using a phone is forbidden, it is generally considered rude to do so when in a company.

    Leave the phone in your bag or a pocket, or anywhere you want for that matter; just don’t put it on a gambling table or use it while the game is on.

    Trust me; you won’t miss anything for a few hours offline.

  6. Memorize Hand Signals

    Memorize Hand Signals IconAlong with the game rules, hand signals are extremely important in casinos. They are a kind of a special means of communication designed solely for casinos.

    If you observe a round of blackjack, for example, you’ll notice that players don’t talk directly to the dealer. Instead, they use hand signals to let the dealer know what move they want to make next.

    • If you plan on playing games where hand signals are a must, don’t go to a casino before learning all of them.

    Furthermore, you should practice a bit in advance so that they become almost automatic, as you’ll need to think and react quickly when you find yourself at a casino table.

  7. Tips, Tips, Tips

    Always Leave a Tip IconLeaving tips is a major rule in casinos worldwide.

    Most casino workers, including dealers and waiters, get minimum wage for what they do. That’s why they expect tips from you, particularly when you’re winning.

    Although it is not mandatory, tipping has become a part of casino etiquette over the years.

    While you’ll come across casinos that have a recommended tipping amount as an unwritten rule, it is absolutely up to you how much money you would like to leave as a way of saying thanks.

  8. Take Dealers Seriously

    Take Dealers Seriously IconEven though some dealers might be fun, amusing, and polite, it is vital to remember that they actually work for the casino. They might even joke with the players, but once the game starts, you need to follow their instructions without asking further questions.

    • Bear in mind that dealers need to calculate a lot of things in their heads and be very precise at what they do.

    Dealers are not allowed to help you in any way, so there’s no point in bothering them while they’re trying to focus on doing their job properly.

  9. Get Your Chips Together

    Get Your Chips Together IconChips are a vital component of every casino and come together with several rules that need to be followed.

    First of all, you need to know the worth of your chips in order to place a bet properly. After you place a bet and the game starts, you are not allowed to touch them.

    Additionally, in games like roulette, you get a different kind of chips — each player gets chips of a unique color so that the dealer knows who is placing which bet.

    So, before you start playing, get acquainted with everything related to casino chips so that you don’t get confused during the game.

  10. Be Humble in Victory and Gracious in Defeat

    Humble In Victory and Gracious in Defeat IconLast but not least, you should know that casino games are called games of chance for a reason.

    Yes, it is true that you can improve your odds in some casino games by applying some strategies such as those in roulette and craps, but in general, the final outcome is pretty much based on luck.

    Therefore, whether you’re winning or losing, make sure that you behave properly while in a casino.

Finally, don’t focus on the destination — focus on the ride and enjoy the process.

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