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Do you know how much money a casino venue makes per day? And don’t say a lot because that’s a given. In case you can’t think of a number but have always wanted to know how high it goes, we’re about to let the cat out of the bag by sharing the latest updates on average casino income.

Aside from mentioning casino earnings in general, we’ll also focus on casino venues in Las Vegas, the world’s gambling capital, and discuss how this number is calculated.

How Much Does a Casino Make in a Night?

The most relevant information we can provide on casino revenue dates back to 2019 due to unforeseen economic circumstances of 2020 and 2021. According to several sources, land-based casino venues earn between hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per single night of gambling:

  • The world’s second-largest casino, The Venetian Macao, reported an annual profit of $1.4 billion in 2019, making its daily average income $3.85 million.
  • Las Vegas Bellagio, another famous gambling venue, collected a total of $465 million throughout 2019, which resulted in daily earnings of $1.27 million.

Yet, if we’re talking about a smaller-scale casino, its daily winnings will likely be thousands of dollars instead of millions. Bear in mind that these numbers refer to a daily income, including products and services other than gameplay charged to players.

How Much Do Vegas Casinos Make in a Day?

Proft Casinos Make in a Day IconLas Vegas is a city that heavily relies on gambling in terms of income. Per reports from 169 prominent casinos in Sin City, their total revenue in 2019 reached $22 billion. When divided by the number of casinos and days in a year, the calculation revealed a daily casino income of $356,650.

The largest portion of this revenue came from casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, as these venues alone accumulated $18.5 billion in 2019, out of which $6.5 billion came solely from gambling. On average, casinos on The Strip earn almost $600,000 daily. But as the profit isn’t really equally divided amongst them, we’d say that they cash in from $500,000 to a few million dollars on a daily basis.

On the whole, their daily income differs due to a range of factors aside from gambling alone. For this reason, we can only provide an estimated income range rather than a fixed number since we aren’t referring to a specific casino venue.

How Is Average Daily Casino Profit Calculated?

Now that you have a ballpark number about the daily average casino income, let’s set a context so you can better understand all the parameters which directly influence that number. These characteristics can greatly impact the amount of cash a casino collects, making them essential to understand.

Consider the Casino Size

Casino Size IconNaturally, size plays an integral role in the profit volume of a casino.

A larger casino will most likely make more revenue simply because it can accommodate more players at once.

Logically, smaller casinos will not bring as much daily earnings as their more established counterparts.

Mind the Location

Don’t forget to consider the casino’s location.

A casino in Las Vegas or Macau is bound to generate more money than gambling halls in your hometown or some other parts of the world. Moreover, casino enthusiasts intentionally visit known gambling destinations to spin the reels or roll the dice.

Specific Days Bring Revenue

Interestingly, some days, especially during the holiday season, make a difference regarding revenue.

Most people only have time to visit casino venues on weekends, and nights usually see more action than daylight hours.

Let’s not forget to factor in the festive periods, when casino venues typically thrive.

Gaming Floor Plays a Role

We can’t disregard the quantity and diversity of games, as they are a crucial link in the casino’s profit chain. The number of available tables and slot machines dictates the number of players that can spend money on gambling simultaneously. Combine a large number of seats with high-quality games, and you’ll get the winning recipe for generating piles of money.

Additionally, we must factor in the number of a casino’s low-stakes and high-stakes tables. Needless to say, the latter ones fill casinos’ bags with more cash and much faster, too.

Extra Services Are the Final Touch

Image of Dry Martini IconSo far, we know that a big casino in the right location with many top-quality high-stakes games earns more money than others. But is that all a casino needs to stay liquid?

In fact, it’s not. Nowadays, most casinos offer additional services to make players happy and earn even more money in the process. That’s why gambling establishments also offer hotel accommodations, dining options, swimming pools, spa areas, and more amenities.

Naturally, users pay for all these services, and at the end of the day, these charges get into the final operating profit of each land-based casino.

Can a Casino Go Bankrupt?

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It’s a general rule that casinos always win regardless of players’ knowledge or luck. This comes from the statistical built-in advantage casinos have based on a pre-calculated algorithm, popularly called the house edge. Also, land-based casinos have non-gambling revenue streams, bringing even more money to the table.

Overall, with such a developed system where profit builds upon itself, the chance for bankruptcy is minimal. However, we all saw the crash of in-person-based businesses due to the 2020/21 health-induced economic crisis, including some land-based casinos. And even without that, a casino can go bankrupt if it’s not managed properly.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the gambling business is equally sensitive to bankruptcy as any other despite its predetermined mathematical advantage over players.

Final Thoughts

As expected, land-based casinos generate more money per day than you can count. On average, a casino venue can collect anywhere between hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on its size, location, game selection, and other services. 

Due to the mentioned factors that dictate the gambling industry’s prosperity, the numbers change yearly. We’ve seen some major changes in 2020, which put a complete stop to in-person gambling for a while, realizing that no casino is guaranteed the same average daily profit each year.

Still, one thing is certain — if no outer factor prevents a casino from operating, and the brand keeps investing in its business, the numbers will keep rising.

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Author Sadonna Price has been part of the online casino industry for over a decade, watching it develop and expand across the US. She enjoys playing online slots and table games, as well as Texas Hold’em.