Relaxing Things to do in Las Vegas

Vegas, baby! The city that never sleeps is a 24/7 party town that can be overwhelming for first-timers. If you’re looking to take it easy on your trip, here are some relaxing things to do in Vegas. 

From exploring the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon to indulging in a spa day, there’s something for everyone on this list. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the Strip either, as the activities that make it unique can also be relaxing.

Check out this article before your trip to Vegas. It’ll show you the ideal ways to take a break from the non-stop action and recharge during your stay in Sin City.

Enjoy a Helicopter Night Flight

Helicopter Ride Las Vegas

What better way to see all the glam and glitter of Las Vegas than from above?

A helicopter night flight is one of the most interesting ways to explore Sin City, as it’ll take you directly over the Las Vegas Strip and all the other notable areas.

You’ll get to see everything over a 20-mile radius and have a clear view of Las Vegas Boulevard and famous establishments like the Mirage, Bellagio, and the famous Fremont Street Experience.

You can select a longer flight depending on your chosen company and get a hotel pickup if necessary. The drive usually includes a drink, too, and the rides are available at almost any time, so you can easily fit one into your plan for exploring Vegas.

Take a Walk on the Famous Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

Once you’ve seen the city of lights from a helicopter, it’s time to see it from a different perspective. Naturally, the one thing you must do first is to check out the part of the city that made Vegas immensely popular worldwide — the Strip.

This exciting 4-mile walking tour will start from Sahara Avenue and go all the way to Russell Road. Apart from the standard venues like brand casinos, hotels, and bars, new buildings are constantly being constructed as this beautiful metropolis grows majestically.

Furthermore, if you still haven’t found time to see European attractions in Paris, Venice, or Egypt, you can see their replicas in Nevada, along with erupting volcanoes, dancing fountains, roller coasters, and more.

The Strip, which got its name after Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip, is the most touristy attraction, so you can expect it to be crowded.

Still, checking out the beautiful architecture of the impressive buildings lined one after another is something you’ll remember forever, so it’s worth going through a river of people for a while.

Although the Strip is fabulous whenever you go, we recommend that you see it at night, simply because the lights make it look like the Vegas you’ve seen in movies.

After all, that’s why you came to visit it, right?

Win Against One-Armed Bandits

Slot Machine

Yes, the lights are one of the reasons why people come to Vegas, but the city’s main attractions have their own show inside all those casinos on the Strip.

The most famous part of that show includes the good old slot machines, otherwise known as one-armed bandits.

While you can find slots anywhere around Vegas, you’ll get the best feel for the game if you visit one of the many casinos available within the city. Moreover, you can’t make a mistake and go into a casino that doesn’t offer this popular game since slot machines take up more than half of any casino venue.

You don’t have to learn any special rules. You can pick the slot that catches your eye first and start spinning. The machines cover a variety of themes and feature different numbers of reels and paylines. Some can even throw a massive jackpot at you.

Let Table Games Put a Spell on You

Blackjack Dealer at Table

While slot machines are the most relaxing games you can play in Vegas, you must admit that they can become boring after a while due to their straightforward gameplay.

Once this happens, don’t leave the casino just yet. Try table games instead, as this gaming category also offers a lot.

The city is home to over 150 casinos where, apart from slots, you can find popular casino classics games like:

If you’re a fan of James Bond movies, try baccarat, 007’s favorite game, or go for craps or other dice games once the action at the tables becomes too much for you.

End Your Day With a Nice Dinner and a Spa Treatment

Spa Day

Whichever hotel you’ve selected for your gaming experiment, you can rest assured it probably has a section reserved for complete relaxation after a busy night on the casino floor.

All that gaming is likely to make you hungry, so the first stop should be one of the restaurants serving excellent food.

The options are numerous when food is concerned, and if you don’t want to be limited to your hotel, feel free to explore the bars and restaurants in other venues or even out in the open.

You’ll be impressed with the offer since Vegas knows it has visitors from around the world and, consequently, offers cuisine from many different countries.

Finally, when you’re done with gaming and eating for the day, start your preparations for the upcoming adventure in one of the incredible resorts or spas.

Once again, you’ll probably have one in your hotel, but even if you don’t, there will be many to choose from in your proximity.

You can swim in a pool, go to a sauna, get a massage, or simply sip a cocktail and unwind while going over the new memories you’ve collected.

Final Thoughts

Even if you never planned to visit Vegas, don’t get surprised if the idea pops into your head after reading this text. When you think about it, why wouldn’t you wish to visit the city that never sleeps?

Apart from the main attractions like bright and shiny casinos and hotels packed with exciting games, you can always find a way to relax in Vegas and have an experience that’ll last you a lifetime without making you feel tired.

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