Responsible Gaming Education Month 2022Summary

  • AGA celebrates Responsible Gaming Education Month in Sep
  • MGCB highlights concerns with gambling addiction among young people
  • AGA releases update to its gaming regulations standards

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has recently commenced the celebration of Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM) 2022. As a part of the efforts to raise awareness about responsible gaming, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) will sensitize youngsters about its importance.

MGCB to Use Social Media for Spreading Awareness

The MGCB will employ social media campaigns to make Michigan’s youth more aware of responsible gaming. The gaming regulator released a press document citing alarming statistics from the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG). Up to 80% of high school students had gambled in 2021, and 4% to 6% struggled with gambling addiction. About 6% of college students also battled problem gambling.

Acknowledging the need to spread awareness among the youth about responsible gambling habits, executive director Henry Williams announced the MGCB’s intent to assist the AGA in its sensitization efforts. He noted the importance of betting responsibly as fall sports begin. Williams said that youngsters might adopt illegal means of gambling since they are prohibited from gambling legally.

Hence, parents and guardians should stay wary about signs of potential gambling problems in children, such as skipping school to gamble or having any gambling materials, amongst other things. Williams encouraged concerned well-wishers to seek professional assistance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services if a family member or friend suffers from gambling addiction.

While Michigan is active in raising awareness, Virginia passed a law in April 2022 that made education on gambling addiction mandatory. States like West Virginia and Maryland also tried to pass bills that linked gambling addiction to high school students and personal finance but were unsuccessful.

AGA Releases Updated Regulations Guide

As it kicked off RGEM 2022, the AGA also released the updated edition of the Responsible Gaming Statutes and Regulations Guide. AGA vice president Cait DeBaun deemed it a valuable resource for the gambling industry to propagate responsible gambling while adhering to the established rules. The guide has been updated since 2019, featuring all the regulations that govern gambling activities in casinos, iGaming or sports betting in 34 states and the District of Columbia.

Besides releasing the revised guide, the AGA plans to center the RGEM around four weekly themes that focus on expanding legal gaming and the industry’s responsibility.

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