Glenn StraubFlorida-based businessman Glenn Straub and former owner of the Revel Casino property in Atlantic City, is currently facing a lawsuit that could result in him getting 15 years of jail time. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, his case remains up in the air.

Straub, who is 73 years old, surrendered in January 2020 to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office after learning that an arrest would be forthcoming. He is currently being charged with one count of grand theft larceny of an amount less than $100,000, as well as two counts of filing liens deemed fraudulent by authorities. The former charge is a felony to the second degree, while the charge is a felony to the third degree.

Straub first entered the national limelight in 2015 with his purchase of the bankrupt and controversial Revel Atlantic City casino resort. The troubled casino was valued at $2.4 billion during its peak. Straub managed to buy it for a relatively meager $82 million but faced a lot of trouble in getting it up and running. The Revel has never been successful and many believe that the property is cursed.

Straub did not share those viewed and instead chose to blame government intrusion into his businesses, memorably stating that New Jersey authorities unfairly target business owners to try and pad their own wallets. The Boardwalk property Straub purchased was never opened under his ownership.

In 2018, Straub sold it to Bruce Deifik for $200 million. Deifik was the one who renamed it the property to Ocean Casino Resort. However, the Revel curse struck shortly after and Deifik met with a vehicular accident on April 2019 and lost his life!

Straub Acted to Hurt Ex-Girlfriend

The Florida state attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit Michael Satz has taken command of the case against Straub. According to Satz, Straub committed the felonies to take revenge on a former girlfriend, Jessica Nicodemo who is 35 years old. The lawsuit states that Straub ordered his company Palm Beach Polo to file the fraudulent liens on two properties owned by Nicodemo to avenge her decision to end their romantic relationship.

Nicodemo filed suit against Straub in 2018, stating that her ex-boyfriend had insisted on her paying him $77,000 to compensate him for his company’s home improvements to her properties. Nicodemo also claimed that Straub had threatened her physically.

Nicodemo’s attorney, Elizabeth Parker, stated that Straub is using his money and influence to torture Nicodemo for her perceived slight against him. Straub has since been released on bail, after paying the $11,000 bond.

The current case against Straub is on hold due to scheduling delays brought about by the coronavirus. The latest schedule for Straub’s disposition is May 19.

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