LepriconGaming company Lepricon has introduced an Ethereum side chain, devoid of gas charges, primarily created for its utility token L3P.

Leprichain is congruous with ERC-20 wallets of all kind and can be included to a wallet in the same manner as a user appends Binance Smart Chain to a MetaMask Wallet.

High gas fee and slow processing capability are the main issues faced by Ethereum blockchain, making it cumbersome to build, host and run hyper-casual casino games on it.

Josh Galloway, Founder & CEO of Lepricon, pointed out that Leprichain facilitates players to link their wallet to any website with web3 capability and accepts L3P. Being a private side chain that can be used only holders of L3P, transaction can be commenced without any gas fees and is much quicker than the main chain of Ethereum.

Leprichain will be the core layer of Lepricon’s easy-and free-to-play gaming platform. As it is perfectly congruous with Ethereum’s solidity contracts and utilizes a normal Web 3 connection, developers will be able to easily embed L3P into their blockchain apps utilizing handily accessible tools.

To start using the platform, users simply need to stake their L3P with Leprichain and convert it into sL3P. As L3P remains on Leprichain, it generates yield but stays a totally liquid token with any dApp they link using their wallet. Galloway notes “They simply need to change the network from Mainnet to Leprichain“.

Galloway also highlighted that even though there is a gas fee for moving L3P from Ethereum to Leprichain, there will be no gas fees for moving L3P back to the Ethereum Mainnet.

As it is possible to make use of the staked L3P, which generates returns for trades on Leprichain, and even instantly unstake and transfer the L3P back to Mainnet without paying any gas fee, the above system could be regarded as the best possible liquid staking solution ever developed for commercial purposes.

The Lepricon team, which faced some postponements in product delivery since their initial token roll out in March, trust that Leprichain and the simplicity with which it can be deployed, will pave way for a revival of interest in the company and stir interest and demand for its native token L3P.

Lepricon’s gas-free blockchain could act as a path breaking development for any blockchain games that are facing high costs and low operating speed on the Ethereum network.

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