Google Play Store AppsThe Google Play Store in America was unable to offer gambling apps and as a result, gambling operators targeting the American market were unable to offer mobile gaming apps to Android users in America. Google followed a strict policy that banned gambling apps that enabled or facilitated online gambling.

Things are about to change as the United States along with a number of other countries will now be able to gambling apps to Android users.

This is due to a Google policy change that will now allow gambling apps to be present on the app store along. These apps will also permit ads that promote real-money gambling.

The United States is not the only country that will be subjected to this new policy change. Some of the other countries that will now be able to feature gambling apps include Australia, Canada, Belgium, Colombia, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

However, this policy change does not mean that just about anyone can load a gambling app on the Google Playstore. Operators will have to pass a number of requirements to get approval. A gambling operator will need to be licensed from a reputed gaming regulator and must also have a license to operate in the country where the app will be distributed.

The gambling apps will be grouped into different categories that include online casino games, lotteries, daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sports betting. All of these apps will need to display safeguards to prevent underage users from playing accessing them as well as have restrictions in place to prevent players who are from different countries from accessing them. Some of the other mandatory restrictions require operators to offer these apps for free and not use Google Play’s in-app billing system.

Gambling App Rules For U.S Market

Some of these rules will vary depending on the location that the gambling app is being launched. When it comes to U.S market, gambling operators will also need to take into consideration the gaming regulations of each state where the app is being offered.

For example, online casino games are only available in Delaware, Nevada (poker only), New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Gambling operators will need to ensure that their online casino apps are not offered in any other states. In the same way, DFS and sports betting operators will need to ensure that their apps are not offered in states that have banned sports betting and DFS.

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