Detroit Casino Council Union workers preparing for strike actionSummary:

  • Thousands of employees may strike by noon if a deal is not reached.
  • The union negotiating committee approved the decision to strike.
  • Employees of Detroit Casinos have never gone on strike before.

Union and casino negotiations continue to be at a standstill in Detroit, with employees set to go on strike starting today at noon if an agreement is not reached.

Yesterday, it was announced that the casinos had until midnight to come to an agreement, or a strike would be initiated. That time has come and gone, so employees are now preparing to walk out at noon if casinos do not submit a deal.

First-Ever Strike in Detroit Casinos

The Detroit Casino Council represents the thousands of employees within the casinos and has been working to secure a new union deal since September. The council voted to approve the strike; the old contract expired last night without a new one. MGM Grand, MotorCity and Hollywood Casino Greektown will all be affected if the walkout occurs today.

Casino employees have never gone on strike in Detroit, so it’s unclear why negotiations have stalled this time. It seems that the casinos are not willing to concede to the demands of the employees, and no compromise is on the table.

It would be difficult for the casinos to stay in business if a strike were to occur due to licensing requirements for employees. It seems the casinos need to offer the union something so the employees will continue working as negotiations occur.


What’s the Hold Up?

Little details have been provided as to why a deal cannot be reached. A news release from yesterday afternoon by the union council suggested that casino management is unwilling to provide its employees with a fair contract. This is connected to wages and benefits, of which the employees want to see an increase.

The employees feel that the casinos have seen a huge turnaround over the past three years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Casino employees worked hard to ensure the casinos could function during this time and feel they should be rewarded for the fruits of their labor.

The news release stated that management is not willing to meet the needs of employees regarding wages so employees can live due to inflation. Additional key points are also not being met, including retirement security, health care, fair workloads for housekeepers, and technology language.

The casinos located in state of Michigan have yet to comment on the potential strike, and we imagine they are scrambling to either present a good deal by midday or trying to figure out how to stay open in the employee’s walk out. We will know the outcome in a few hours, and hopefully, it will be one that benefits both sides, and business can continue as usual.

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