Culinary Workers Local 226 picketing outside Paris Las VegasSummary:

  • Three picket lines took place on the Strip.
  • Visitors feel that hotel companies should pay their employees more.
  • Employees participating asked visitors not to cross picket lines.

Visitors to several Las Vegas Casinos were met with picket lines yesterday as employees voiced their displeasure over stalled union contracts. The informational picket lines began on Thursday morning and continued in segments through the afternoon.

The Culinary Workers Local 226 organized the lines, hoping to send a message to Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Resorts, and MGM Resorts International.

One Step Closer to a Strike

Leaders of the union stated earlier this week that the informational picket lines would take place on Thursday, October 12. Visitors who approached a casino during the picket would be asked not to cross the line to visit the venue. The protestors did not explicitly call for a boycott of the brands; some venues, like those owned by Caesars, had security near the doors.

Some visitors spoke with the media and applauded the protesters, stating they spent hundreds of dollars staying at the casino hotels. The least the operator could do is pay their employees a living wage. Employees want to have better wages and benefits as they have helped the casinos to turn a profit, particularly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Earlier this week, it was announced by the Union secretary-treasurer, Ted Pappageorge, that the negotiations are significant dollars apart. No economic or counter proposals have been made to the employees, reportedly.

Will A Strike Take Place?

Las Vegas casinos are at risk of a strike as the union members voted in approval just a few days ago. A date has not been set, but we can expect it will be soon if the casinos do not cut a deal. As many as 38,000 employees could be involved in a strike, which would shut down some services on the Strip.

Gaming analysts feel that a deal will be made soon, with an increase in wages by double-digits over a five-year period. A big upcoming event involving Formula One racing in November may be the driving force behind completing negotiations.

Details have not been provided, so it is unclear what the casinos are offering and how far off it is from what the employees hope to gain. We expect the employees want a significant wage increase and expect to have benefits that will help them sustain daily life while working and after retirement.

We shall see in the coming days if the recent picket line had any impact and if casinos are willing to concede even a little bit to have a compact finished up so business can function as normal.

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