Image of Top 10 Casino SuperstitionsSuperstition comes in many shapes and forms and can be seen in various walks of life. That’s why it’s no surprise casino players often resort to it when they head to a gambling venue.

Although it’s been proven that games of chance have a random outcome, the list of popular superstitions is still pretty long.

So, in order to keep it short and sweet, here’s a list of top 10 casino superstitions casino players stick to today.

  1. Lucky at Cards, Unlucky in Love

    Lucky at Cards, Unlucky in Love IconAccording to the free dictionary, this idiom means that those lucky in gambling have no luck in romantic relationships.

    Moreover, people often use it as an excuse to visit a casino during a long period of solitude since they believe they will hit the jackpot.

    Needless to say, there’s been no proof that being lucky in gambling instantly excludes being fortunate in other areas of life, such as love.

    On the contrary — it makes sense that a person continually winning in gambling will be surrounded by more potential partners, therefore more likely to find “the one,” isn’t it?

  2. Lucky/Unlucky Numbers

    Lucky or Unlucky Numbers IconThe number 13 is considered unlucky in Western culture and accepted as such by a majority of organizations, including casinos.

    Roulette players often avoid betting on 13, while Chinese players believe that number four should be avoided at all costs.

    Maybe you have noticed that even reputable airlines, such as Lufthansa and Qatar Airways, don’t have row 13 to avoid bad luck.

    • On the other hand, certain numbers are believed to bring good luck, one of which is seven.

    Online slot players will know this, as number seven is used as a symbol in a plethora of slot machines.

  3. Relying on Red

    Relying on Red IconRed is a color that symbolizes good fortune in Chinese culture, and it’s seen as the color of wealth and abundance.

    • Feng shui specialists consider red the color you should surround yourself with to attract money.

    Based on this idea, many casino players believe that wearing red to a casino will help them win more money. It can be anything from clothes to accessories, and those who don’t want to make their superstitious beliefs obvious may choose to wear red underwear.

    Considering all this, it is clear what is the more popular color on a roulette wheel.

  4. The $50 Bill

    The $50 Bill IconIn the US, the $50 bill is considered a bad omen by many casino players. This superstition dates back to the times when the mob ruled Las Vegas.

    • Rumour has it that gangsters used to bury their victims in the desert with a $50 bill in their pocket.

    Even though the time when gangsters ruled is long gone, the superstition remains. There’ve even been cases when players denied a payout consisting of $50 bills.

  5. Counting and Lending Money

    Counting and Lending Money IconAlthough it is normal for a casino winner to get excited and dive into the pile of chips he has won, it is not something superstitious people would advise you to do.

    Not only will you be seen as a show-off who’s blowing their own trumpet in front of other, less fortunate, players but you’ll also attract bad luck to your future gambling endeavors.

    Likewise, lending money to fellow players at a casino table is considered a wrong move. For once, there’s a bit of logic in this superstition.

    Just think about it — you’re lending your money to someone who’s about to gamble with it, meaning there’s a chance that money will be lost forever.

  6. Body Position

    Body Position IconIf you’re often crossing your legs while sitting, better get rid of that habit before you visit a casino.

    Crossing your legs is viewed as a bad position for attracting money because, apparently, the energy in your body is blocked and can’t circulate properly.

    Regular casino players who’ve spent hours in gambling halls swear that their body position brings them luck.

    In other words, some of them are positive that they must stand while playing a game as that’s when they win the most money.

    On the other hand, some don’t stand up while playing games; otherwise, they believe Lady Luck will leave them hanging.

  7. Itchy Hands

    Itchy Hands IconItchy hands can help you decide whether it’s a good or a bad day for visiting a casino in some cultures.

    In Serbia, if your left palm is itchy, it means you’re about to get some cash and is taken as a sign that your casino adventure might be prosperous.

    The opposite is true when it comes to your right palm — it means you’re about to give or lose money, so the best thing to do is stay home and keep your wallet closed.

  8. Lucky Charms

    Lucky Charms IconLucky charms are used in almost every culture, but they differ from one player to another.

    The most common ones include:

    • Four-leaf clover
    • Rabbit’s foot
    • Horseshoe

    However, they can also be personal such as a lucky T-shirt or lucky earrings.

    What is more, sometimes players can find a specific person to be their “lucky charm.” If they have a friend, cousin, or partner who was born under a lucky star, they might as well bring them to a casino as a talisman.

    Be that as it may, the actual object or person is unimportant in this case — what matters is a player’s belief that the specific item is bringing them good fortune.

    • The same object might not do the trick for every casino player.
  9. Lucky Rituals

    Lucky Rituals IconAlong with lucky charms, casino players often follow rituals they believe enhance their winning potential.

    • Something we’ve all seen in gambling movies includes kissing the fist or blowing on dice before throwing them on the craps table.

    Apart from these two, popular rituals include:

    • Crossing one’s fingers
    • Knocking on wood
    • Arranging chips in a certain way

    Rituals are repeated over and over again, as players believe that skipping these moves will reduce their chances.

  10. Avoiding the Front Entrance

    Avoiding the Front Entrance IconPerhaps the weirdest belief has to do with using the casino front entrance.

    Once again, the idea stems from Chinese players who had an issue with the door of the MGM Grand.

    Namely, the door looked like a lion’s mouth, and Chinese casino visitors avoided going through them as it seemed like they would be eaten alive.

    Finally, MGM Grand replaced the door, but the legend of avoiding the front entrance still dwells in some casino players’ minds.


We all have some weird habits or rituals we hold on to in specific situations. Yet, when it comes to casino gambling, nothing can guarantee a positive outcome.

However, if the belief that wearing red will bring you luck makes you feel better, keep wearing it and get that jackpot. Fingers crossed!

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