Blackjack is a popular card game whose origin goes back to 18th century France. The cards were called vingt-et-un, which translates to twenty-one. Some even go as far as to claim that Romans used to play a version of this same game using wooden blocks. 

Whatever its origin story is, one thing is undeniable —  blackjack remains one of the top games in both online and land-based casinos

Unlike slots that rely on sheer luck, blackjack does require potential players to have some prior knowledge. This is why so many casino lovers are often reluctant to try their chances at this particular game. However, their worries are unfounded because blackjack is known to have the lowest house edge

If you’re new to blackjack, it’s perfectly normal to be apprehensive. But, worry not because we’re here to help you conquer your fears.

We come to you with 10 tips to help you if you just started dabbling in this monumental game. Continue reading to learn more about the exciting world of blackjack.

Learn the Rules

Master The Rules IconWe’ve already mentioned that blackjack comes with a set of rules that players need to learn.

Lucky for you, they are pretty simple, and learning them should be a breeze. In short, in blackjack, players compete against the dealer. Before the game starts, players choose their stake in chips.

The role of the dealer is pretty self-explanatory — they deal a two-card hand to the players and themselves.

The game starts clockwise, and the players choose whether they’ll stick to their cards or take additional ones to reach a total of 21 in hand value. When all the players have taken their turn, the dealer gets to play their hand.

You’ll learn other finer details as you play, but this is pretty much the premise of blackjack.

Going into any game without preparation is a great disservice, so make sure you know the basics first.

Explore Different Strategies

Explore Different StrategiesWhile the final results are definitely determined by the player’s set of cards, it doesn’t mean blackjack is solely a game of chance.

In fact, you can employ certain methods to increase your chances of winning.

The decisions you make during one game will have an impact on the end result. So, making the right decisions at any given moment will lead to a favorable outcome.

This is what having a blackjack strategy is like — consciously making the right choice while relying on the law of probability.

Think of it this way — the number of cards in blackjack is fixed. Therefore, the card combination is set as well. Knowing this, it’s up to you to choose the most optimal strategy.

Luckily, today there are plenty of strategy charts you can rely on.

Start Small

This tip can be applied to pretty much any game at a casino, be it online or a land-based one.

It’s always better to start small first.

This way, you’ll see how you fare without spending the entirety of your budget on one game.

Instead, use that time to observe the people around you. Pay closer attention to the dealer and your fellow players. You might even learn if they have a tell you can capitalize later on.

Don’t go showing all your cards at once (pun intended).

Limit Your Bets

Keep To Limit Your Budget IconWe tend to get carried away in the heat of the game, so setting a limit on your bets from the very start is probably a good idea.

You can keep that house edge we’ve mentioned low if you follow the basic strategy, but this is more of a long-term plan than anything else.

When it comes to individual sessions, you can lessen the blow of lost hands by limiting your bets.

If you bet too much on one of your hands and you happen to have a bad run, no amount of strategizing will save you.

Betting a small percentage will help you even if luck is not on your side.

Know Your Boundaries

Set Time LimitsThis tip goes hand in hand with the previous one.

It’s easy to get carried away with blackjack because you might win quite a few hands along the way. However, you should be aware that your winning streak will eventually come to an end.

Knowing when to stop is very important because you don’t want to give all of your winnings back.

This doesn’t mean you should quit the moment you get a losing hand.

Try to find a middle ground, and stop playing once you start losing more than you’re comfortable with.

Try Online Blackjack

Blackjack Free GameThese past few years, we’ve been stuck at home, unable to indulge in our favorite games. Thanks to technology and online casinos, this can change.

While playing blackjack online may not evoke the same atmosphere, it certainly has its perks.

Online blackjack is an excellent opportunity for beginners to test out the waters. They can play wherever and whenever they want.

What’s more, many online casinos have play-for-free options and hefty sign up bonuses.

Don’t Take Insurance

Some blackjack variants come with insurance.

Namely, players can get an opportunity to insure their hands in case the dealer ends up showing a ten or an ace.

Making an additional bet of half of your stake will pay out 2:1 if the dealer has a blackjack.

While this offer may seem tempting, it’s a losing game in the long run. We’ll let you do the math on your own or you can check out our guide here, but insuring your hand is unlikely going to help you win big.

Gambler’s Myths Aren’t Real

Lucky CharmsIf you love conspiracy theories or believe in lucky charms, then you’ve probably heard various gambling-related stories.

Our advice is to pay them no mind. Leave other players to do their own thing. Focus on your own strategy instead.

If you pay too much time observing people around, you’ll lose focus. This doesn’t mean you should completely ignore them, either.

Try to find some balance and roll with it once you do.

Double Down at the Right Moment

Most players usually ignore this tip, but it’s a very important one to keep in mind.

Don’t hesitate to double your existing stake to get a supplementary card if you feel the moment is right.

Remember that some casinos oppose the idea, so make sure you research beforehand.

You can also notify the players and the dealers of your decision and thus ensure you abide by the rules.

Have Fun

Blackjack Party GameOur final tip may be the most integral one yet.

It’s very easy to get carried away and lose perspective whether we’re winning or losing.

Sure, earning some money on the side is great, and losing it is discouraging, but having fun along the way is what matters.

Remember why you started playing blackjack in the first place, and let that guide you.

About the Author

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