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GLI Settles With Nevada Gaming Regulators To Stop Disciplinary Action

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GLI Settles With Nevada Gaming Regulators To Stop Disciplinary Action August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018 Rachel Bennett

Gaming Laboratories InternationalGaming Laboratories International (GLI) recently gained the unwanted distinction of being the only independent gaming software testers to face disciplinary action from gaming authorities in the state of Nevada.

The company is trusted to test and certify gambling software and technology that is used in casinos all over the world.

The New Jersey based company agreed to a settlement which will see them pay $125,000 to stop any further disciplinary action.

The Nevada Gaming Commission leveled a three-count complaint against the company in relation to testing and certifying one of Interblock’s gaming products.

Dan Reaser is GLI’s outside legal counsel and he explained to the commission that GLI has evaluated over 8,500 products in Nevada in the previous six years and that the mistake they made with Interblock represents a minuscule .00012 margin of error. He went on to say that even though GLI agreed to settle, if the matter had gone any further then GLI would have defended themselves. He even went so far as to say that he believed that they would have successfully had a number of those charges dropped.

Nevada Relies On GLI

Philip Pro is a former federal judge and current member of the Gaming Commission. Pro acknowledged that the Nevada relies on GLI’s reviews which was one of the main reasons why the commission agreed to settle as opposed to seeking stiffer disciplinary action that would possibly sully the company’s reputation. While the commission let GLI move on with a $125,000 fine, Pro confirmed that a repeat violation would be looked upon in a very unfavourable light.

The Allegations

The controversy started with GLI’s testing of a system called Pulse Arena which was developed by Interblock. The system includes betting stations that are integrated into a central system for gaming machines and other automated gaming products as well as a system that was developed by International Game Technology.

Interblock Gaming


Among other things, the Control Board alleged that GLI approved the system before it was actually integrated with IGT’s system. GLI was also accused of breaching confidentiality rules when GLI showed Interblock several sample reports that they had done for other clients.

Settlement Put The Matter To Rest

Reaser explained to the commission that GLI did not want to go through litigation because it would do severe damage to the fabric and culture of the company. GLI just wanted to put this incident behind them which is why they agreed to settle just two days before the hearing.

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