Covid-19 Precautions at the Bellagio Hotel & CasinoThere are now 17 states across the country that have allowed casinos to get back to business albeit under strict COVID-19 regulations. Some of the premier casino operators including Wynn Resorts, Caesars Place and Las Vegas Sands Corp have opened their doors to the public after putting in place elaborate plans that were designed to protect both their patrons and employees.

Casino operators initially had concerns as to whether punters would return to the casinos in light of the on-going corona virus pandemic.

They were pleased to see punters flock into the casinos after being told to stay away for close to two months. While casino operators are used to handling high volumes of people on a daily basis, the strict COVID-19 restrictions has made things a lot more difficult.

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CDC Consulting decided to send its consultants to attend 55 casino re-openings across the country and see if the strict COVID-19 regulations were really making a difference and whether customers were adhering to these guidelines.

The findings are not positive as CDC Consulting claims that casino operators are struggling to enforce the agreed regulations because patrons are ignoring them and playing like its business as usual.

Some of the measures that are in place include limited seating at gaming tables, following social distancing measures on the gambling floor, temperature checks for hotel guests, limited number of people using the lifts and restaurants, have visual signs on the floor warning patrons of maintaining safe distances.

Patrons Not Keen On Following Rules

The main reason why casino operators are struggling to enforce these rules is because patrons are ignoring them. Whether this is being done deliberately or whether players lose track of the new rules once they enter the casino is hard to tell.

Wynn Resorts said they tried to address the issue of non-compliance by their patrons by training a team of 50 staff and then getting them to approach patrons who might have forgotten the protocols and gently remind them to follow the stipulated protocols. This special team has to do this in a friendly manner so that they don’t upset the customer but yet get them to follow the rules.

Red Rock Resort faced a compliant from a gambler who claimed that people were crowding around the craps table and that the casino employees were unable to control the crowd. Casino operators will have their hands full during the next few weeks as they look to comply with COVID-19 regulations and please their patrons.

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