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Atari To Bring Their Old School Games To Crypto Casino

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Atari To Bring Their Old School Games To Crypto Casino March 26, 2021 March 26, 2021 Rachel Bennett

Atari CasinoDrastic changes that happened across the world last year has modified all aspects of everyday life for almost all people and also paved way for certain fundamental changes in the functioning of a society. Frequent lockdowns and travel prohibitions have paved way for work at home scenario and modified the manner in which people utilize their spare time.

The covid-19 pandemic has caused shutdown of almost all entertainment centers across the globe.

Gamblers paradise such as Las Vegas and Macau were badly affected by the pandemic and even sporting events were stopped or conducted without spectators.

During these tough times, some of the gaming focused blockchain platforms and their respective cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have surged due to a strong demand from gamblers and crypto enthusiasts in particular. The latest gaming company to venture into development of blockchain and crypto focused gaming platform is Atari, which is the creator of the popular games such as Pacman, Asteroids and Pong. The company intends to build a crypto supporting casino in collaboration with Decentral Games, which entered into blockchain technology based gaming domain in December last year.

Notably, Decentral Games is the foremost metaverse casino owned by the community and permits gamblers to gain rewards in the form of its native cryptocurrency DG, while liquidity providers will be compensated for providing liquidity, and DG holders will be rewarded for taking part in the voting process related to treasury administration, new game creation and overall economic policy.

The Atari casino will be developed in “Vegas City,” a gaming district in Decentraland‘s metaverse hosted on Ethereum blockchain and will be offered on lease for two years.

In digital world, players will be given an avatar’s body while engaging with the virual world or “metaverse” Decentral Games, a portion of the Decentraland environment is the foremost community owned metaverse cryptocurrency casino. The latest casino, on the basis of Decentral Games technology, will include an Atari Special game, which is based on skill instead of luck. Players will be able to receive rewards in the form of Decentral Games’ native crypto ($DG) by partaking with Mana, DAI and Atari tokens.

Token holders of $DG will also be able to use them to take part in governance and company associated policy making.

Atari’s CEO Frederic Chesnais said

Through collaborating with Decentral Games, we can move the Atari gaming experience onto the blockchain.

Notably, Digital Currency Group has acquired a stake in Decentraland.

From a level of $13.87 on January 2, the price of DG has jumped over 4,300% to a new all-time peak of $621 on March 22, primarily fueled by the following announcement revealing collaboration with Atari:

As crypto investors continue to gain interest in virtual land and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the crypto token DG has a good chance to strengthen further upon integration with several gambling covenants within the decentralized domain.
The steps taken by the venture to foster community participation in the form of governance features aids in distinguishing it with other gambling focused covenants and could pave way for increased adoption in the months ahead.

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