Can Roulette Live Dealers Cheat

Losing at your favorite casino game can be extremely frustrating. Players deal with losses differently, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some try to rationalize the situation by coming up with all sorts of theories. One of those scenarios is the plausibility of roulette dealers picking numbers and making you lose as a result.

Many would dismiss this hypothesis as untrue straight away, but is everything so clear-cut?

If you’re one of those casino goers wondering whether roulette dealers can cheat, you’re in luck. Join us as we try to debunk this myth in greater detail.

As with all theories, the answer will not be straightforward, but we’ll try to be as informative as possible. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to choose a stance and decide once and for all whether you’re a yea- or a nay-sayer when it comes to casino dealers cheating. 

Would a Dealer Make Players Lose on Purpose?

Let’s get the most pressing issue out of the way first — can a dealer make you lose on purpose?

Technically speaking, it’s absolutely illegal for the dealer to have any sort of impact on the winning number. Not many dealers would try to pull off something like this unless they’re trying to lose their job and face other repercussions on purpose.

Now we have to face another dilemma, would a dealer want players to fail?

We’d like to say that the answer is another no. These people are at their workplace, doing their job like anybody else, not really thinking about your winning or losing streaks. In fact, many dealers like to see casino goers win.

Think of it this way — you’d probably rather see someone smile than lament their losses, too. 

Of course, there are plenty of different people out there, each with their own personalities. And we’re not only talking about the croupiers here.

Roulette dealers probably have to go through very unpleasant situations and deal with unpleasant players all the time. However, that doesn’t mean they would make sure you lose as some sort of personal vendetta. But they might not be extremely sad to watch such players lose, either. 

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Can Dealers Hit and Avoid Numbers?

Now onto the crux of things! When it comes to roulette, the wheel is where all the magic happens. You know the drill — the dealer spins the wheel clockwise in each round and rolls the ball in the opposite direction. Many players have wondered whether croupiers can hit numbers on purpose.

With modern roulette mechanisms, we have to say that doing so successfully would be a bit of a stretch in this day and age.

To be victorious in this endeavor, the roulette dealer would have to adjust the speed of the spin and have a perfect aim to hit a particular number.

Unless the rotor has been manipulated, the chances of landing a ball in a specific position are slim to none. The conditions would have to be ideal for such a thing to happen. 

Let’s have a look at another angle while we’re at it.

So the roulette dealer might not be able to plan to hit a number on the wheel, but could they avoid a specific number instead? Again, the circumstances would have to be nothing short of perfect. 

First, the wheel would have to be without a flaw and the conditions flawless. Then the dealer would need to possess superb skills to adjust the speed of the spins and take into account the numbers they want to avoid. There you have it, not impossible, but pretty close to it if you ask us.

To conclude, in theory, and in an ideal environment, both scenarios are possible, but we all know reality is much different.

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Are Spins Easily Predictable?

Another question that’s been in the back of our minds is — can roulette dealers predict spins on a roulette wheel?

This certainly sounds like a much more plausible scenario, so let’s dwell on it a bit longer. It is indeed feasible for a dealer to pull this off, and here’s how they would do it. 

First, they would need to be consistent, so the spin speed should be relatively the same during each round.

Next, the wheel itself would need to have a solid, prominent diamond so that a ball could hit one often.

As a result, you’d get something like this — the dealer releases a ball, the ball hits one and the same diamond, thus bouncing predictably and making the spin easy to foretell, too. 

The big secret behind it all is that the roulette dealers rely on their knowledge and consistency. 

In fact, even if the dealer isn’t targeting a specific number, predictable patterns might occur either way. You know what they say — even a broken clock is right two times a day.

Following this logic, it shouldn’t surprise us that consistent speeds and actions lead to repetitions in the final outcome. 

What Are the Chances?

Chance to roulette dealers cheating

If you’re wondering how difficult it would be for roulette croupier to cheat, you could always buy a wheel and see for yourself. You’ll come to realize early that anywhere between one and four revolutions of a ball are easy to target.

However, keep in mind that eight revolutions are a casino standard.

Factor in the average time a roulette spin takes and the fact that the speed of the rotor needs to be consistent, and you’ll see how difficult it really is to target and avoid certain sectors. 

Final Takeaway

To conclude, roulette dealers would indeed be able to make spins predictable and avoid and hit certain numbers but only in ideal conditions. However, since casinos aren’t research laboratories and croupiers aren’t in the business of conducting experiments, those chances plummet significantly. 

Therefore, rather than focusing on the dealer, keep your head in the game instead. Choose a reliable casino, be it a land-based or an online one, and enjoy your favorite games.

The possibility of dealers cheating is practically non-existent, so you can finally relax and play without any concerns.

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