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  • Analysts are split on if tourism will be affected by an increase in gas prices.
  • Casinos are expected to offer additional incentives.
  • Breeze Airways is coming to Las Vegas and could help tourism numbers.

Tourism officials, Gaming regulators, casino operators in Nevada are watching the rising gas prices and wondering if it will affect their bottom line. In some areas, gas is almost $5 a gallon, and residents in the US are feeling the pinch at the pump. Will the rising cost of gas cause players to avoid traveling to Las Vegas?

The region depends on travel from nearby towns and states as well as domestic and international travel. If gas prices continue to go up, it could lead to lower than average tourism numbers in Sin City. Analysts seem to be split on whether or not they think the price of gas will harm the gaming industry.

To Travel or Not to Travel?

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority feels that it is too early to tell if the cost of gas will impact travel to the area. Nevada Resorts Association CEO and President, Virginia Valentine, is in agreement. She feels it is too early to tell but says that even if consumers decide to lower their travel spending, Las Vegas will still be a prime destination.

Valentine pointed out that after the pandemic, visitors are ready to visit Las Vegas and escape. Many people have saved up for vacations and are making choices that are focused on spending. Las Vegas provides value when it comes to entertainment and vacation dollar, according to the CEO.

Some experts feel that casinos will offer discounts or incentives to bring players in, which is not a bad idea. We may see room rates cut or special promotions connected to gas gift cards in order to bring in more travelers.


Lower Airfare May Help

This June, a new airline is coming to Harry Reid International Airport that might entice players to travel to Las Vegas and skip the gas charge. Breeze Airways is coming to Las Vegas, offering smaller capacity and economic prices.

Fares start at $99 one way and go up to $199 for first-class Nice fare, which includes larger seats with more legroom. The airline is also offering free cancellations, up to 15 minutes before the flight departs, which is a major incentive for flyers.

The Las Vegas flights will offer service in several areas around the country including Virginia, Alabama, New York, Florida, and South Carolina. This could be the solution for travelers to continue to visit Las Vegas and avoid major gas prices. It’s an alternative that gamblers will most likely consider, cutting out on drive time as well as paying a large sum for gas.

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