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PGCB Asks Online Gamblers To Use Complaint Forms To Sort Disputes

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PGCB Asks Online Gamblers To Use Complaint Forms To Sort Disputes August 8, 2019 August 8, 2019 Rachel Bennett

Pennsylvania Gaming Control BoardThe online gambling industry has received flak in America over the years mainly due to disputes between iGaming operators and players. The online gambling industry in Pennsylvania is getting bigger with each passing week as more iGaming operators launch their online casino and sports betting operators.

To ensure that the Keystone state’s online gambling industry runs in a seamless manner, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has launched an initiative to educate online gambling patrons with the state’s due process for the resolution of grievances.

The Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act and its accompanying regulations require the PGCB to intervene for any potential non-criminal violations of the law, as long as a complaint is submitted via the proper channels. The regulator has informed gambling patrons in the state that convenient online forms are available on their official portal so that online gamblers can submit their complaints or report disputes.

Regulator Distinguishes Gambling “Complaint” From “Dispute”

The PGCB has established a clear demarcation between a “complaint” and a “dispute”. The gambling regulator explained that “complaints” are a disparity of opinion between patrons and online casinos not involving monetary value, meanwhile a “dispute” is a customer’s claim for a specific amount of money or merchandise.

The regulator has urged the public to submit any and all grievances toward licensed gaming entities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the PGCB, in order to launch a proper investigation.

The PGCB which is based in Harrisburg has provided an assurance that it takes all patron complaints and disputes very seriously. Upon receiving a complaint, the report is promptly assigned an investigator and case number. Any criminal violations of the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act is immediately raised to the Pennsylvania State Police for further inquiry.

Complaint And Dispute Process

However, PGCB protocol requires patrons to first file their complaint or dispute with the interactive gaming provider before reporting to the regulator. The agency affixes the compliant number generated by the online casino to its own plaint and disputes records.

Gamblers can file a complaint or dispute via the PGCB’s website only up to 30 calendar days after the date of the incident. The Pennsylvania regulator assures that all information in the submitted complaints or disputes is kept confidential.

Pennsylvania has yet to launch online poker but the WSOP online poker platform is expected to be launched in the state before the end of 2019.

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