Culinary Union and Unite Here call for boycott of Rampart CasinoSummary:

  • The deceased Shirazalli Jafferali Lalji owns Rampart Casino’s gaming license.
  • The unions want clarity regarding the casino’s license.
  • Unite Here wants the industry standards to be upheld in transparency regarding the license.

In Las Vegas, Rampart Casino is now part of a public boycott after Unite Here and the Culinary Union launched questions about the property’s licensing. The unions are asking patrons to avoid visiting the property as there are concerns regarding the licensing and operation of the facility.

Gaming Licensing Issues

Recently, a few key facts connected to the casino’s license have come to light. Shirazalli Jafferali Lalji is listed on the license, though he died in 2020. The unions want clarification on who should be on the license and how the casino is operational.

There are concerns regarding the license and why a deceased person is still listed as active several years after their death. After public comments were made on the license in late March, the Culinary Union found out that Lalji’s status on the license was changed to removed after being listed as beneficiary/director.

While this was changed and listed in a report by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Lalji’s name remains active with the company.

More Labor Issues

Aminmohamed Jafferali Lalji is Shirazalli’s brother and the Richmond Inn Investments Ltd President. This company owns the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. The hotel has been involved in a labor issue, and a boycott is now active.

The Culinary Union has noted the boycott in Vancouver and expressed its solidarity with Unite Here Local 40, which is engaged in the strike, pointing out the need to uphold industry standards.

The Culinary Union has also tried to speak with the management team of Rampart Casino, but have not been able to reach anyone. Letters have been sent to upper management members and there has yet to be contact on the matter.

The boycott of the casino is one way in which the unions continue to uphold worker’s rights and ensure that businesses are held accountable for their actions. Ethical standards must be upheld in the hospitality industry and the unions want to have confirmation on how the casino is operating and wants to ensure all activities are taking place based on gaming laws.

It will be interesting to see if Rampart Casino speaks out on the matter and clarifies the gaming license. They will have to make a statement soon, especially since the boycott is now in full force. We expect a statement will be released in the next week or so to comment on licensing as well as the current boycott.

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