Artistic impression of RW Development Casino in BiloxiSummary:

  • A project by RW Development has spurred the legislation.
  • The company has secured a site near the waterfront. .
  • SB 2780 would clarify how the Public Trust Tidelands are treated. .

In Mississippi, players can access a nice selection of casino locations, most dotted along the coastline. New gaming options pop up from time to time and a recent project that is in works has caused lawmakers to rethink about casinos are established, especially in the Tidelands.

RW Development recently secured approval to create a casino in the state and that approval has caused lawmakers to want to rethink how the process is completed.

More on RW Development’s Project

RW Development has been trying to create a casino in Mississippi for several years. The company wanted to build a venue in Biloxi on US 90, but continued to be denied by the state Gaming Commission. Last December, the brand was finally able to earn approval, after the company was given the go-ahead to build a pier at the end of Veterans Avenue.

The approval was a good thing for RW, but a signal to lawmakers that something needs to be done to clear up any inconsistencies as well as concerns regarding potential casino sites near the waterfront. Legislators are considering SB 2780 to clarify provisions and provide clear rules for casinos that are interested in investments near the tidelands.

A specific framework would be set to reiterate the established rules for casinos on the tidelands. A minimum of 40,000 square feet of space is required in a casino and a hotel with 300 guest rooms or more. Facilities must also have restaurants and be ready to boost the local economy and tourism efforts.

Additional Details of SB 2780

Lawmakers want to ensure a clear process for casinos on the waterfront with SB 2780. The goal is to make it mandatory for casino license holders in the Tidelands to secure a lease with the secretary of state for Tideland property. Licenses can be subject to annual rent and rules will be clarified to provide steps if a casino license holder does not require rent payments.

Senator David Blount is the sponsor of the measure and is also the chairman of the Senate Gaming Committee. With the bill’s wording, he is working with the Secretary of State and casino operators on the coast.

The Senator wants to ensure that there is a consistent regulatory environment to preserve Mississippi’s sandy beaches and encourage additional investment in the region for the coastal market. We shall see in the coming weeks if any changes are made to the measure and just how much support the bill house among lawmakers in the state.

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