Detroit Casino Council Union workers striking outside MGM GrandSummary:

  • The casino and union are working with a federal mediator.
  • MotorCity and Hollywood Casinos have already cut deals.
  • The presented deals were the same for all three casinos.

Unionized casino workers in two of three commercial casinos in Detroit have signed contract deals to stop a current strike.

Hollywood Casino and MotorCity Casino agreed while MGM Grand Casino employees voted down the contract. All three casinos were presented with the same deal. As of yesterday, the union and MGM Grand are back in the negotiation process to try and sign a new deal.

Back at the Negotiation Table

A union representative reported yesterday that union leaders are back at the table to discuss a contract agreement with MGM Grand Detroit. A federal mediator has been brought in to help the two reach a new deal. Casino workers are still on strike and will remain so until an agreement can be reached.

It is unclear as to why the union employees rejected the MGM deal. It is particularly concerning since the union members of the other two casinos agreed and are now off strike and back to work. Union members voted separately for their prospective casino when considering the tentative agreement.


MGM Resorts Midwest Group COO and President Matt Buckley stated that the result is disappointing, especially considering the historic nature of the offer and how it would immediately and positively benefit their employees and families. Buckley pointed out it was also disappointing since the two other casinos agreed on the same contract.

Historic Deal Signed

The Detroit Casino Council and the employees said earlier this month that the deal was historic, including wage increases and benefits that have never been seen before. It was the largest wager increase ever negotiated in Michigan’s casino industry, with an average pay increase of 18%.

Employees receive health care benefits with no cost increase and workload reductions. They also were given other job protections, including technology contract language. Casino employees have been on strike since October 17 to secure a better contract deal.

MGM Grand employees have submitted a new proposal, issued on November 29. It is unclear as to what the contract may include. The casino has yet to respond to the counteroffer. It will be interesting to see what the casino decides to do, especially since the two other operators already cut deals.

Will the casino concede in a major way to end the strike? Or will the employees need to be the ones to come to some compromise? Only time will tell as to how the strike will end and who will win in the contract agreement.

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