Proposed Las Vegas Sands Nassau-County Long Island CasinoSummary:

  • The lease would allow the Sands to operate, occupy, and control the site.
  • The agreement does not include authorization to build a casino.
  • Las Vegas Sands is one of several companies vying for a casino license in the state.

Las Vegas Sands is pushing hard for a casino project at the site of the Nassau Coliseum in New York State. The company hopes to be one of only three new license holders in the downstate area.

To get the ball rolling, the company announced during a County Planning Commission meeting yesterday that it has plans for a 42-year lease involving the property. The lease does not include a casino location.

Controversial Effort

In the beginning, Las Vegas Sands had a 99-year lease agreement that included a casino, but this deal proved too controversial. Changes were made, with the casino element removed and the Sands set to operate, occupy, and control the site.

Even though the casino plans are off the table, there is still opposition to the Sands taking over the site. It’s clear the gaming group still wants to build a casino in the area, and opponents feel this is their way of getting a foot in the door.

Members of Say No the Casino, George and Lynn Krug, were vocal during the meeting about how the Sands should not take over the property. Lynn stated that residents are disgusted and feel that the project is wrong for the site.

George Krug continued to focus meeting questions on the financial risk for the community involving the lease. Without an economic impact analysis for a potential casino, Krug feels it is still unclear if the plans are good for residents.

Times Square Casino Also Facing Opposition

Meanwhile, in other NYC casino news, Caesars’ bid to earn one of the licenses is coming under scrutiny via the No Times Square Casino Coalition. The group opposes Caesars’ plan to create a casino in Times Square at 1515 Broadway.

The group continues to push against the project, stating that it will decline property values and will cause gambling addiction and an increase in crime. NYC President Sonia Ossorio has now raised fears that the casino will boost human trafficking and exploitation because the venue will be close to the Port Authority Bus terminal.

Most of the casino plans for downstate New York have seen some opposition. It will be interesting to see how public opinion weighs in when state officials finally decide which companies to go with regarding licensing.

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