Casino workers attend a Detroit Council meetingSummary:

  • Over 3,000 workers are currently on strike.
  • Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars are at stake in Detroit.
  • Canadian casinos are appealing to Michigan gamblers due to the strike.

It’s been a few days since the casino employees in Detroit decided to go on strike, and there is still no new contract in place. The employees who are part of the strike took to the city council yesterday to discuss the issues. With everyone on strike, it puts the city at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues a day in tax earnings.

The city council held a vote, and the members agreed unanimously to support the employees via a resolution. The meeting area overflowed with individuals hoping to receive support from the city on the matter.

Over 700 Employees in Attendance

The city council saw over 700 striking employees in attendance during the meeting, with individuals representing MGM Grand, MotorCity Casino and Hollywood Casino. The crowd asked city leaders to support fair contracts in a time of corporate greed.

Employees pointed out that during the pandemic, they sacrificed so the casinos in Michigan could continue to earn revenues. The goal was to create a new contract and not strike, but the employees felt it was necessary to strike in order to get anything done.


Councilman Coleman A. Young II spoke during the meeting, stating that the employees needed to keep fighting until equal work for equal pay is provided. The city earns around $450,000 a day from wagering taxes, and they are still in support of the employees and their right to quality benefits.

Come to Canada

While the casinos in Detroit are struggling to stay open due to the strike, casinos in Canada are calling for players to come visit. The Caesars Windsor is just four miles from the Detroit area, and they are happily inviting players to come enjoy games.

The casino sees this as a prime opportunity to drum up business and bring in visitors. Players are welcome to come for the first time or a return visit to Caesars Windsor. The casino includes a new hotel tower and Colosseum Theatre that was recently added and, of course, offers quality gaming options.

Caesars Windsor is inviting players to come to their venue so they do not have to cross picket lines in Detroit. Many players don’t want to do so in support of the employees who are hoping for better wages and benefits. By visiting the nearby Canadian casino, it’s a win/win situation. It will be interesting to see if player traffic picks up at the Canadian venue as the Detroit strike is ongoing.

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