Turning Stone Resort Casino's Gingerbread VillageSummary

  • Turning Stone Casino creates traditional Gingerbread Village
  • Gingerbread Village features 8 buildings and a moving train
  • If you are visiting New York, check out the Gingerbread Village

New York-based Turning Stone Resort Casino invoked festive cheer ahead of Christmas with its annual Gingerbread Village.

The delicious treat was executed with finesse by the casino resort’s pastry chefs led by Chef Lorena Ortega. As many as 20 departments had to collaborate on this project and 30 helpers came together to create the gingerbread village.

Decadent Village Exhibit Features Buildings, Moving Train

The annual Gingerbread Village for 2021 is based on the ‘Traditional Holiday’ theme. Bedecked in the four festive hues of green, red, gold, and silver- the village comprises 8 buildings. The buildings range from a hotel, a barn, a bakery as well as a train station. An actual moving train is a wonderful addition to the delectable display.

Over 1,500 pounds of frosting, 132 pounds of fondant and over 6,500 pieces of the namesake gingerbread cookie were used to execute the intricate display. Additionally, 480 white chocolate Kit Kats, more than 45 pounds of Shredded Wheat Cereal, approximately 25 pounds of chocolate nuggets and 2,500 Hersey’s kisses were incorporated in the exhibit along with pastillage and shortbread.


The decadent Gingerbread Village will add to Turning Stone’s appeal amongst its guests. The exhibit, combined with light displays across the casino resort, would leave guests impressed with its invocation of the Christmas cheer. Along with the holiday din, the 70-foot Gingerbread Village will enhance the casino resort’s reputation as a Native American attraction among tourists and native guests alike.

The immensely gifted Chef Ortega has a penchant for pulling off the unimaginable with her flair. The dessert powerhouse is a recent addition to the Turning Stone family. Previously, Chef Ortega had worked as an assistant pastry chef in MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. She had also served at resorts like the Wynn and Encore on the Las Vegas Strip. Ortega had led a successful ice-cream program at the two resorts and had created 65 brand-new ice cream flavors from scratch.

Turning Stone Casino

Turning Stone offers guests numerous luxury facilities to enjoy. With a casino floor spanning 120,000 sq. Ft. and 2,080 gaming machines, the New York casino also features smoker-friendly gaming floors in its Casino Blu, complete with slots and table games. Casino Blu also features a self-serving beverage station with a Keno game held every 5 minutes. Casino gambling operations run 24×7 for players above 18.

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