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Las Vegas Casinos Introduce 6 New Skilled Based Gaming Machines

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Las Vegas Casinos Introduce 6 New Skilled Based Gaming Machines October 25, 2017 February 8, 2018 Jayson Peter

Casinos operators in Las Vegas have experimented with the idea of bringing in skill-based games into their casino properties in an effort to attract millennials who have shown a preference for playing skill-based games rather than traditional casino games like poker, blackjack and slot machines.

There have been a number of poker rooms across Las Vegas that have closed in recent times and the few that remain open have also reported a dip in action during the past few years.

Caesars Entertainment was one of the major casino operators that decided to experiment with skill-based games. The company signed a multi-year agreement in September 2016 with Gamblit Gaming and decided to introduce a number of skill-based games at its casinos in Nevada and California.

The initial response to the first set of skill-based machines known as Model G wasn’t very positive due to a number of reasons. These skill-based games looked in many ways similar to traditional slot machines and were not easy for players to differentiate between slot machines and skill-based games. It was also hard to measure how much of an impact these skill-based games had on players and whether the games struck a right note with the younger generation.

Gamblit Gaming has now developed a second round of skill-based gaming machines called ‘TriStation‘ which is a pod that has 3 interactive gaming stations. The TriStation was displayed at Planet Hollywood from October 23 and each Tristation will feature all six new skill-based games.

Gamblit Gaming

The first game is called ‘Slice of Cake’ and requires players to slice ingredients and bake a cake. The second game is ‘Lucky Words’ where players must put letters together quickly to form words. The third game is ‘Catapult King’ which is a smartphone game that lets players use a catapult to topple knights and castles.

The fourth game is a known as ‘Smoothie Blast’ and players will have to swipe fruits to make smoothies. The fifth game is called ‘Into the Dead’ which was earlier a smartphone game that had 72 million downloads and the sixth and final game is ‘Match 3volution’ where players have the ability to develop creators and match them.

Darion Lowenstein, who heads marketing at Gambling Gaming said that the TriStation machines would be easy to identify as they boldly displayed the letter ‘G’ in red at the top of each TriStation to help players realize that this is a skill-based gaming machine.

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