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Video poker is a computerized version of the popular card game that attracts both beginners and seasoned players. It has many different variants, all of which offer a high payback percantage — in fact, in full pay versions, the house edge is close to zero.

Below we’ll look at the hottest video poker titles available in most online casinos. Note that the games aren’t listed in any particular order — even though they are all good, they slightly differ, so check out their descriptions to find the most appealing one!

Jacks or Better

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Jacks or Better is a video poker title ideal for players who like 5-Card Draw. The computer offers five cards and lets you choose the ones you want to keep. The hand with the best poker ranking wins — but only if it has a pair of jacks or better.

The best thing about this game is that most online casinos have it in their library. To get the most out of it, you should only play the version with a 9/6 paytable. You’ll be looking at the payback percentage of 99.54%, which is pretty impressive. If you get a royal flush in a 5-coin game, Jacks or Better will pay 800:1.

Keep in mind though — by betting fewer than five coins per hand, you will reduce the potential win.

Joker Poker

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The main difference between Joker Poker and other video poker titles is the number of cards used. While other poker versions use a standard 52-card deck, Joker Poker brings in an additional card — a joker. The 53rd card is a wild, which can replace any other to make a winning hand.

In Joker Poker, there are only two pairs that pay — kings and aces. Also, the payoff for a pair is reduced to even money, as opposed to some other video poker games that pay 2:1 for the same ranking. On the other hand, Joker Poker has an additional hand ranking called five-of-a-kind with a 200:1 payoff.

The royal flush remains the highest-paying hand. In a natural royal flush, the payout is 800:1, whereas with a joker, it’s 100:1.

Deuces Wild

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Deuces Wild is another popular video poker title found in numerous online casinos. The main twist in this version is that 2s act as wilds and can replace any card you’re missing to form a winning hand. Consequently, the lowest-paying hand had to be adjusted since the wilds significantly increase players’ chances of winning. As a result, you need at least three-of-a-kind to win, while pairs are worth absolutely nothing.

Once again, a royal flush is the highest-paying hand, but the payout varies depending on the cards. If you have a natural royal flush, the return is still 800:1. Yet, if you use a wild to complete the hand, it will drop down to 25:1.

A thing to remember is that Deuces Wild comes with several different paytables. Most players hope to find the Full Pay one with a 100.76% payback percentage, but online casinos don’t commonly offer it. In addition, you can find a few other Deuces Wild paytable variants — the most common being Not So Ugly Ducks, which pays 99.73%.

Bonus Poker

Image of Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker is similar to other video poker options in terms of gameplay. The main perk this title offers includes different payouts for four-of-a-kind combinations. Namely, while Jacks or Better rewards any four-of-a-kind hand with a 25:1 return, Bonus Poker has raised the bar in the following way:

  • Four aces — 80:1 payout
  • Four deuces, 3s, or 4s — 40:1 payout
  • All other 4-of-a-kind hands — 25:1 payout

Although the game is quite volatile, a 99.17% payback percentage still ensures good chances of winning. If you decide to try Bonus Poker, you should hope for any four-of-a-kind combination, as other strong hands aren’t that fruitful. For instance, the full house pays 8:1, while the flush pays 5:1.

Double Bonus Poker

Image of Double Bonus Poker Pay Tables
Double Bonus Poker is a player-friendly game with a 100.17% payback percentage. If you’re familiar with Bonus Poker, you’ll have no trouble understanding this version. In short, in comparison to Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker offers double the payment for four-of-a-kinds.

Four aces pay 160:1, four deuces, 3s, or 4s will get you the 80:1 return, while all the other 4-card combinations pay 50:1. The payouts for the full house and the flush are also higher in Double Bonus Poker and pay 10:1 and 7:1, respectively.

To afford the above-mentioned generous payouts, Double Bonus Poker had to compensate by reducing the payment for pairs from 2:1 to even money. Nonetheless, you’ll still have bigger chances of winning — mind you, though: finding it may not be easy.

What Is Payback Percentage and Why Is It Important?

Unlike table games, where the house edge determines your winning chances, video poker games have a payback percentage, which indicates how much money you can expect to win over time. This number can be anywhere from 1% up to 100% — or, in some cases, even higher.

So, let’s say you’re playing Deuces Wild, which has a payback percentage of 99.54%. This means you should get $99.54 for every $100 you spend on this game. In other words, the bigger payback percentage offers better winning chances.


Which video poker title offers the highest payback percentage? One of the best games in terms of payback percentage is Full-Pay Deuces Wild, with 100.76%. Another good option is Double Bonus Poker, with a 100.17% payback percentage.
Do all online casinos offer the games mentioned above? No, they don’t. Online casinos select the video poker games on their own, and with various titles available, you can’t expect to find the same ones in all online gambling hubs. However, almost all online casinos offer popular titles like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.
How can I increase the potential payout in video poker? The amount of money you will win depends on the size of your bet. To get the most out of every hand, place maximum bets. For example, a royal flush in Jacks or Better pays 800:1 in a 5-coin game, while a smaller bet size won’t get you that much.

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