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Poker, one of the most famous casino games, owes its popularity to a number of factors, including its social element.

People enjoy huddling around a poker table, shuffling cards, and competing against one another, making it the perfect activity for a friendly gathering.

Thanks to the free market, you can host a poker night like this at your home whenever you want. All the props you’ll need are available online, but we recommend starting with a poker table. Since they’re not an easy buy, we’ve created a guide with the seven best home poker tables on the market. Check it out and find the best one for you.

7 Best Home Poker Tables

As promised, here’s our list and review of the finest home poker tables on the market. Read through it, think about all options carefully, and select the one that best fits your needs.

Barrington Billiards Poker Table

Image of Barrington Billiards Home Poker Table

Barrington Billiards is among the most popular models of poker tables nowadays. It’s 84×42 inches (213×106 cm) in size and designed to accommodate up to ten players. It’s foldable, so it won’t take up too much space. You can easily fit under your bed or car trunk.

Barrington Billiards comes in two variants — a blue felt top with black armrests and a black felt top with brown armrests. Both have metal-reinforced legs and tabletops, so they’re incredibly durable. Additionally, cup holders are included for those who like to sip on a drink while playing.

The card demarcations on the Barrington Billiards poker table are one of its best features. This table has outlines that show where flop, turn, and river cards should go. So, it’s great if you’re a beginner or you have poker newbies in your friend group.

Price on Walmart (at time of publish) : $299.00

Hillsdale Kingston Game Table

Image of Hillsdale Kingston Home Poker Table

For those searching for a poker table and a beautiful piece of furniture, Hillsdale Kingston might be it. This table is made from oak wood, stained rich chocolate brown, and embellished with elaborate carvings.

It’s designed as an octogram with a dark felt top. The table frame has built-in pockets for your chips, cards, and cup holders. It’s without inscriptions, so you can use it for any casino game.

Kingston isn’t particularly big — 56×56 inches (142×142 cm) — so it should fit in any corner of your game room. However, its size can be a downside if you’re planning a big game. It only seats four people.

Price on Google (at time of publish) : $1,570

Trademark Poker Deluxe Table Top

Image of Trademark Poker Deluxe Home Poker Table

Those with a tighter budget may find Trademark Poker Deluxe Table Top a perfect solution. This Home Depot poker table top is a cheaper version of the prop described above, but it offers the same functionality.

It’s 48×48 inches, so it fits most standard kitchen tables. It’s made of 1/2 inch wood and covered in traditional casino green felt. The top comes with chip and cup holders, which is another plus.

A great advantage of this product is its portability. This Home Depot Trademark table top folds into a 2×4 feet size. It includes a black nylon bag with two zippers and a handle, so it will be easy to pack and carry on trips and vacations.

Price on Home Depot (at time of publish) : $69.75

Ecotouge Game Poker Table

Image of Ecotouge Game Home Poker Table

If your primary concern is convenience, you might like Ecotouge Poker Table. This 51×29-inch table is covered in a bright green felt made from polyester and PVC, so you won’t have to constantly stress over spilled drinks.

The frame comes with padded armrests, providing comfort to all players. The body is made of stainless steel, and it’s easily foldable. It’ll last you a lifetime and be simple to pack and put away. You can take it to any outdoor gathering or party and not worry it’ll get stretched or damaged.

The table seats eight players and includes cup holders and chip trays. There are no inscriptions on its top, so it’ll serve you well for various casino games besides poker.

Price on Amazon (at time of publish) : $119

Triton Classic Poker Table

Image of Triton Classic Home Poker Table

Convenience is guaranteed if you pick the Triton Classic Poker Table. The table has many of the Ecotuoge’s features, but it’s much bigger. It’s oval — ‎90 inches long, 48 or 30 inches wide, depending on the number of players it can fit: eight or ten. It’s perfect for big families or friends gatherings.

The best part about this home poker table is the way it folds. Most oval tables of this size have foldable legs. However, that still leaves you with a tabletop too big to pack and travel with. Unlike them, Triton folds in half, so it’s much easier to fit around the house and bring on a trip.

Besides this feature, Triton has padded armrests covered in faux leather and cup holders deep enough to hold beer bottles safely. Its legs have wheels, so anyone can move it around with ease.

Price on Triton (at time of publish) : $1,499.99

Lek LED Poker Table

Image of Lek Led Home Poker Table

Most home poker tables on the market feature a standard design, but not Lek LED. This 84×42 inches (213×106 cm) poker prop has a black and gray felt table top cover and a long LED strip along the frame. The lights give the table a futuristic finish and add to its modern look.

Lek LED has all features poker players need. It seats up to ten players and has stainless steel holder cups and padded armrests for each. The felt cover features Texas Hold’em card appointments, so it’s an excellent choice for all fans of this community card variant.

This table also folds in half, which makes storing it easy. Nevertheless, the LED lights strip and power cord make the top a bit clunkier and heavier, so it’s slightly less convenient to pack and carry than its predecessor on this list.

Price on Walmart (at time of publish)$376.74

SereneLife Foldable Home Poker Table

Image of Serenelife Foldable Home Poker Table
SereneLife is among the top poker table manufacturers, with its 8-players foldable poker table. The table is a great solution if you’re in the market for a smaller table that accommodates a large number of players.

SereneLife has a tabletop made from MFD (Medium Density Fibreboard), so it’s sturdy and durable. However, it features lightweight metal legs that make it collapsible and easy to carry or stash away. The top is covered in casino-grade brown cloth, and its frame is padded, offering comfort without sacrificing style. The plywood top features steel cup holders, too, so you and your friends can enjoy a drink or two while playing.

Price on Ebay (at time of publish) : $537.99

What to Look For in a Home Poker Table?

Before listing the best home poker tables available, you should know how to choose between them. Tables intended for this classic casino game should have several qualities. You can find them listed and explained below:

  1. Features — Home poker tables come with various special features, depending on the model. They can include poker props, cup holders, armrests, portable bags, and more. Learn about these advantages, compare them to other tables on the market, and weigh them against your needs. These steps should help you make an informed decision.

  2. Durability — Durability is one of the most important characteristics of a home poker table. They are not props you buy every day, so you must find a product you can use for a long time. The best way you can learn about the durability of a home poker table is from its reviews. Search the internet, read other users’ feedback, and pick the one with the best ratings.

  3. Size — Poor planning can lead to you ordering the wrong poker table size. To avoid that, measure the area where you want to place your table before ordering it. Don’t forget to count in the chairs and overall space when occupied. There should be enough wiggle room for everyone to move around and play comfortably.

  4. Price — Price is equally important as any other quality on this list. The cost of your poker table needs to reflect its features and align with your budget. Do your research and consider all details to find the best value for your money.


There you have it! You now know all you need about the best home poker tables on the market. All that’s left is for you to pick between them.

Check out our guidelines above, read through the review of each table, and think about your priorities. It should be enough for you to make an informed decision.

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