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Cashier’s checks Online Casinos: Deposit Casino Funds using Cashier’s checks

Cashier’s checks Online CasinosCashier’s checks have been around for almost as long as the banks themselves. Apart from all the modern casino payment methods, US players are also allowed to make deposits and withdrawals using checks, electronic checks and checks by courier.

Some of the main advantages of using checks on online casino sites include:

  • High deposit limits
  • Ease of use
  • Safe and bank-verified transactions

In this article, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about check casino banking. I will also include a list of some of the best US online casinos that accept check payments.

Everything You Need to Know

So, if you like to know more about how check transactions work on online casinos, read on!

Best US-Friendly Casino Sites that Accept Check Payments

There are essentially three types of check payments that online casinos accept — cashier’s check, eCheck and check by courier.

I have done meticulous research in order to not only find the casinos that accept these payment methods but also select only the finest casino operators for US players.

Apart from allowing check deposits and withdrawals, these casinos are also licensed and secure, have a great selection of games, and reward players with plenty of bonuses and promotions.

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Cashier’s check is one of the safest payment methods in general, and not just for online casino deposits and withdrawals.

The difference between a cashier’s check and a regular check is that this is a guaranteed amount that is pulled directly from your bank account. Once the check gets to a recipient, they can go to their bank and cash it out.

Financial Education

The reason why this method is so safe is that the bank itself is responsible for guaranteeing the payment. Everything is transparent, and you can be sure that the money will arrive in your casino account.

A lot of online casinos allow cashier’s check deposits and withdrawals. Above you can see the list of some of the best ones.

A Brief History of Online Casino Check Payments

Cashier’s checks Online Casinos
Check deposits have been used on online casino sites for many years. They were once one of the most popular casino payment methods and were often the only option available to players.

Cashier’s checks and checks by courier were first to appear. They were secure but slow, and that’s why eChecks came into existence. With eChecks, players could enjoy the same security as with paper checks, but without the long transit period that can take days.

The popularity of checks has surged in the last few years due to the appearance of faster methods like e-wallets and cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, many top US casinos still accept checks, as they recognize that this is still one of the most trusted banking methods in the world.

Top US Casinos for Check Payments

As I mentioned earlier, check deposits and withdrawals are not that common on US casino sites. However, there are a few highly rated casinos that do accept these kinds of payments. Here are some of the best ones.

#1Wild Casino

Wild Casino is at the very top of my list, not only because it accepts both check deposits and check withdrawals, but also because it has an amazing library of games, together with a very rewarding welcome bonus.
  • Check payments accepted
  • Bank check deposits — $1,500 to $15,000
  • Check by courier withdrawals — $500 to $2,500
  • US players accepted is one of the best options for US players who like testing their luck on video slots. With hundreds of different titles to choose from, your entertainment is guaranteed. Moreover, this website has a lot of other casino games that you can try out. There are no check deposits, but you can withdraw using a check by courier.
  • Check payments accepted
  • Check by courier withdrawals — $20 to $2,000
  • US players accepted

Using Checks for Casino Deposits & Withdrawals - Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve never used checks for online gambling before, I hope that this step-by-step guide will help you learn how to do so. Carefully follow each step and you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw money from your casino account quickly and safely.

Making Casino Deposits with a Check

Sign Up to a Casino Site

Before you can deposit, you need to register to a casino site of your choice. I recommend that you pick one of the casinos from my list. They are reputable, safe, and have a great selection of games and bonuses.

The sign-up process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Just fill out the registration form with personal details and wait for the casino operator to confirm your identity.

Make sure you read all the terms for that payment method so you are well aware of the amount of time it takes to post the funds to your casino account when you are depositing them with a cashier’s check. You also want to be aware of any fees the casino may charge you for depositing through cashier’s check, if there are any fees.


Fill out a check with all the recipient’s details including the deposit amount. You’ll be able to purchase a cashier’s check through your bank, or from another source such as the local UPS. Once you do, you want to put any required information on it, such as your full name, address and account information for the online casino. Send it to the address provided by the casino and make contact with someone at the online casino to let them know that the cashier’s check is on its way.

Wait for the Payment to Go Through

Unfortunately, check deposits are one of the slowest casino payment methods. The processing times can last a full week for paper checks.

The casino will inform you once the deposit goes through. You can also log in to your casino account to see if the funds have been transferred.

Start Playing

Once the money has been safely transferred to your casino account, you can start playing your favorite casino games for real money such as blackjack. Choose one of the casinos from my list to guarantee yourself a high-quality gambling experience.

Making Casino Withdrawals with a Check

Contact the Casino Operator

Before you request a withdrawal, contact the casino operator to see whether they allow check withdrawals in the first place. Some casinos offer check deposits but not check withdrawals.

The casino’s banking page will clearly state this, if there is one. If not, contact the casino’s customer support if they accept check withdrawals.

Request a Withdrawal

If you want to cash out your casino winning, head over to the cashier’s page and request withdrawal. Choose the withdrawal method and type in the amount you wish to cash out.

You can go to the casino’s banking page to see more details about deposit and withdrawal limits or ask about them by contacting customer support.

Wait for the Payment to Go Through

After you’ve requested a withdrawal, the casino will put it through a 24 to 48-hour pending period. You can ask for a withdrawal cancellation during this time.

If the request is already processed, the casino will send you the check, either by courier. You will wait between a few days or a few weeks for the check to arrive.

Cash the Check

Once the check arrives, you can simply cash it in at your bank.

There might be some fees included when making check withdrawals. The amount of these charges can depend both on your bank and the casino operator.

Pros & Cons of Cashier's Checks

Checks are far from being an ideal casino payment method, as they have many shortcomings when compared to credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, and even bank wire transfers. However, they do have a few advantages that might give you enough reasons to choose them.


  • Security — Checks are one of the safest casino payment options. The money you deposit or withdraw is guaranteed by the bank, so there are no ways that your check can bounce. The whole process is transparent and leaves minimum risk for any fraud.
  • High limits — Casinos will often allow their players who use checks to deposit with high amounts. This works in favor of high-rollers who can deposit up to $15,000 in one go.
  • Ease to use — Checks have been around for centuries, and everyone is familiar with how to use them. Filling out a check usually takes only a few minutes and most online casinos accept them for deposits and withdrawals
  • Direct Access — Cashier’s checks can be put into your bank account or cashed at check cashing locations


  • Unpopular payment method — Checks are a little bit outdated in the online casino community. With more players using web-based payments, casinos are often excluding checks from their available banking methods, so finding a good casino that accepts checks is proving to be more difficult over time.
  • Speed — The main reason why most players shy away from using checks is that they are one of the slowest casino payment options. Transactions can take days, if not weeks to be completed.
  • Fees — Depending on a casino operator, you can encounter some very high fees when trying to deposit and withdraw using checks. These fees can be fixed or percentage-based.

Alternatives To Cashier's Checks

Check by Courier Banking

With check by courier, you will be sending a check through a courier company. The check will leave your premises and be sent directly to the casino recipient.

Because of this process, check by courier is extremely slow and includes some unnecessary fees. However, it is still a fairly secure payment method that a lot of players prefer.

Check by courier is one of the least popular casino payment methods, but a few US sites still accept it.

eCheck Banking

Electronic checks offer the same security measures of cashier’s checks, but the only difference is that the entire process goes on electronically. Therefore, eChecks allow for much faster processing times and are generally more convenient than any other traditional method.

All you need in order to make eCheck payments is your checkbook and an online bank account. It’s much easier and quicker because you don’t have to go to your bank.

eChecks are not that common on US casino sites, but there are a few quality operators that accept this payment method.

Final Thoughts

So, should players opt in for check casino payments even though there are other more convenient options available? Well, that’s really up to your own preferences.

Checks can be tediously slow and can sometimes involve high fees. On the upside, they allow for very high deposits and are still one of the safest ways to transfer money. If you don’t mind the waiting time, and security is your main concern, you should definitely use checks at online casinos.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my article about paper checks casinos. To find the best online operators that accept checks, refer to my list of top-rated casino sites for US players.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below. And, as always, good luck!


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