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New York Casinos Bring In $40 Million In First Few Weeks Of Operation

The state of New York is finally seeing the fruits of its policy decision to expand gambling in the state which was made a few years ago. Gov. Andrew Cuomo had pushed through a proposal to build upto four large scale commercial casinos in the state to increase revenue to the state’s coffers in 2013. The move required a constitutional amendment as until then only tribal casinos were operating in the state under federal law. Once the measure received approval [...]

Massachusetts Gaming Body Evaluating Online Gaming Legalization

Massachusetts is considering legalizing several forms of online gaming based on an account from the head of the state’s gaming regulator. Currently only online fantasy sports betting is allowed within the state. Stephen Crosby, Chair of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has stated in a recent interview that a legislative committee is evaluating whether other forms of online gaming can be made legal in the state. According to him, the three major casino operators licensed to operate land-based casinos in the [...]

North Dakota Bill To Propose Gambling Expansion In State

A new bill in North Dakota is proposing to ask voters to support the introduction of up to six state-owned casinos in the state. Sponsored by House Majority Leader Al Carlson, the bill is seeking approval for amending the Constitution to legalize gambling in the state. If passed, the question will be put to vote during the state’s 2018 primary elections. Currently state law prohibits any game involving chance as well as other forms of gaming, but permits the [...]

Indiana Bill Proposes Additional Casino Gaming Tax

A new bill in Indiana is proposing to do away with the $3 admission that is currently charged by the state’s casinos and replacing it with additional tax that will be levied on the operators’ gaming revenue. The move has not been well received and there has been opposition from local communities who fear a decline in their revenue. Introduced by State Representative Todd Huston, House Bill 1350 proposes to remove the admission fee and in its place levy additional [...]

Arizona Seeks To Introduce Keno Statewide Outside Tribal Compact

A new legislative proposal is being introduced to expand gambling in Arizona, despite protests from Native American tribal groups who say it will violate their existing compact with the state. Introduced by Sen. Sonny Borrelli, the bill aims to permit electronic keno games within bars and clubs in the state. The bill has been modified extensively in response to earlier criticism. In the current version, provisions are limited to keno, eliminating the game of bingo that was previously proposed, under [...]

Atlantic City Casinos See Strong Revenue Growth In January

Casinos in Atlantic City have started the new year on a positive note with a 7.7 percent increase in their January gambling revenue. The latest results released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) shows that the remaining seven casinos in the city netted $204.6 million from gamblers in the first month of the year. The revenue collections yielded $16.5 million in taxes to the state. The strong performance is welcome for the struggling gambling hub which [...]

New York Turns Into Major Gaming Hub As New Casinos Become Operational

With three of the four planned casinos having begun operations, the state of New York is well on its way to becoming a key gambling hub in the United States. The trigger for the large scale gambling expansion in the state was the 9/11 attacks. At that time the state had only two casinos, both of which were tribal casinos that had been set up as a result of federal law. The then-governor George Pataki mooted the idea of expanding gambling [...]

United States Tops List Of Global Gambling Losses In 2016

The United States is reigning at the top of the world’s gambling markets with the maximum gambling losses according to a market intelligence firm H2 Gambling Capital (H2G). A report by The Economist quoting H2G has stated that the global gambling industry saw a total profit of $385 billion in 2016. Online gaming,which accounted for 11 percent of total global gaming proceeds,was named as the fastest growing segment. With nearly $116.9 billion, gamblers from the United States sustained the maximum [...]

Colorado’s Monarch Casino Holds Ground-Breaking Ceremony For Expansion

The Monarch Casino Black Hawk located in the state of Colorado has been in the process of expanding its facilities and recently held a ground breaking ceremony to commemorate the expansion. The casino is located in Black Hawk which is nearly 40 miles out of Denver and the extension is occurring on an adjacent site. A number of dignitaries including officials from the local government and senior company representatives attended the celebrations. Some of the key leaders present were John [...]

Carl Icahn Confirms Intention To Sell Trump Taj Mahal Casino

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has formally announced his decision to sell the shuttered Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. Icahn who was recently named as a special adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, the original owner of the casino said in a statement released on his personal website that he will be selling the casino even if at a loss instead of further investing the $100 to $200 million into it like he had promised earlier. The Trump Taj [...]